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Display Baskets For Produce

Wicker is a sort of furniture or storage container woven from any of an assortment of stick-like materials. These materials have been around for centuries and include rattan, willow, reed and bamboo. Because of this wicker is not a genuine material, but rather a procedure or a manufacturing process. The word wicker is thought to come from Scandinavian countries. The word “wika” translates from Swedish to “twist” in Engish, and vikker translates to willow material. Wicker baskets and furniture are generally made of the organic material of various plants and trees, however synthetic plastic strands are used as well to make wicker display baskets that can be more easily washed. Wicker is light yet durable, making it appropriate for furniture and storage containers that will be moved around regularly like yard and porch furniture is.

DGS Retail is a wicker display basket manufacturer that uses an assortment of plants. Our baskets are made from reeds, grasses (counting bamboo), creepers (counting rattan), and thin tree limbs (particularly willow). Additionally, DGS Retail has a large selection of plastic wicker display baskets. Our display baskets for produce are for sale to the industry at wholesale prices.

Produce Display Baskets

Our woven produce display baskets are produced using organic or synthetic plastic materials. Sometimes a mix of materials is used. In furniture, for example, seating items are ordinarily made of stiffer materials on the edges so they can support weight, after which more flexible material is woven into the rest of the design to fill it. For produce storage baskets and display containers like a reinforcing casing is not required so the whole piece is woven from the wicker material.

Fruit and Vegetable Display Baskets

Common wicker is outstanding for fruit and vegetable display baskets because of its quality and solidness. It is also extremely lightweight for it’s strength. Wicker display baskets are also known for their wholesome authenticity and naturalness. They can rise to the level of artwork due to the care and thought put into them by the skilled workers who weave them. Materials utilized by DGS Retail’s craftsmen and women can be any piece of a plant, for example, the centers of stick or rattan stalks, or entire thicknesses of plants, as with willow switches. Other mainstream materials incorporate reed, bamboo. Our line of synthetic plastic wicker baskets use polypropylene and other polymers to achieve an almost identical look to natural wicker.

Plastic Wicker Baskets

DGS Retail’s line of plastic woven baskets can be used to display fruits, berries and vegetables at the point of sale. These are wholesale plastic baskets that look like standard rattan baskets but have the advantage of being completely waterproof and washable. This is important in a food service or kitchen environment. Plastic wicker baskets are used at farmer’s markets, grocery stores, restaurants, cafeterias, buffets, bakeries and many types of retail stores. The material that DGS Retail uses to manufacture our synthetic wicker baskets is generally polypropylene. This has proven to be a very durable material that is 100% waterproof and long lasting. There are styles of baskets with and without handles and in a variety of sizes. These can be used on top of our produce tables or produce display bins.

Produce Baskets for Sale

Whether you choose natural woven rattan baskets or plastic wicker baskets, your produce merchandising will look stunning in them. DGS Retail has a wide selection of produce baskets for sale. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose from our line of tabletop and clip on sign holders to add to your produce basket displays. Your customers will love the freshness of your produce that is communicated to them by displaying in baskets.

Produce Display Crates

Add the warmth of natural materials to your visual merchandising displays for retail with these vintage look display crates. Made with wood these crates come in a variety of styles and sizes for just the right solution for your store. DGS Retail manufactures wooden display crates, nesting crates and sells them at wholesale prices. These are great for creating a rustic retail display, merchandising produce or other products. The crates are built for a retail environment. Buy the unfinished or custom wood stained from your choice of over 25 different premium stain colors.

Rustic Crate Displays

Use our wide selection of display crates as a tabletop or countertop display by themselves or grouped together. When grouped together they can form a feature focal display on top of nesting tables or on wooden produce display bins or tables. Buy with avaialble wood stands and racks to create a rustic impulse rack or natural looking produce stand.

Create an emotional connection with your customers by displaying your fresh produce in our customizable crates. Add your store logo, team colors, or institutional logo to many of our crates for a more personal touch. Paper logos can be adhered to the crates with your choice of design.

For a unique food display design use our nesting wooden display crates. These are ideal to add an eye-catching centerpiece to tabletops or other retail surfaces at your store.

Food Display Stands And Risers

Improve Your Catering Display with Wood Food Risers

Catering services are as much about presentation as they are about food. A guest that likes the look of your food, after all, can become your customer. DGS Retail understands this, which is why we offer a selection of wood food risers to serve your needs. They provide a unique visual touch to your plates, no matter the situation. They come already assembled, so they are ready for use right out of the box. That means you’ll have an instant impact on what you serve

Table Display Risers with Custom Stain Look Great

These food risers have multiple functions. As risers, they work in making your plates stand atop and more prominently than others. By turning them to the side, they become product displays that frame whatever you put in them. Flip them upside down and they become storage crates. The slatted design provides a distinct rustic look that is great for outdoor settings.

To complete the look, DGS Retail offers free custom wood staining from your choice of 25 colors! Find the right color from our Wood Stain Color Guide, and get a great-looking riser out of it.

Bakery Display Baskets

Finely Crafted Bakery Baskets for All Your Display, Merchandising, and Presentation Needs

The bakery display baskets available at DSG Retail are ideal for use in retail bakeries and confectionery stores. They are made out of the finest quality willow, plastic, and rattan so that you can create beautiful product presentations. Every basket has been handmade, and every single one is unique. There's no better way to enhance the look of your store.

Our wholesale wicker baskets are available in a range of sizes. We also sell sets of multiple baskets for larger bakery displays and storefronts. You can use them to hold baked goods in a window or on interior stands. They also make great props for themed displays, and can be used to make impressive photographs for promotional materials.

No matter how creative your bakery display ideas, DSG Retail has a basket for you. We offer them at wholesale prices, despite their exceptional designs, because we're committed to helping businesses create one of a kind retail experiences. If you're not sure what size of basket you need, or what material to buy, just get in touch with our friendly team.

Our most popular bakery display baskets are made out of natural willow. It is a highly durable material and safe to use with edible goods. If you've got baguettes, rolls, or pastries to show off, arranging them in one of these containers is fun and practical. Your baked goods get the chance to not only breathe and emit that scintillating aroma, but they also stay fresh and secure.

Washable Plastic Display baskets for Bakery

If you're concerned about cleanliness, you can opt for our washable polypropylene baskets. This material is a type of plastic, so it can be wiped clean in seconds. It doesn't have the natural, rugged aesthetic of willow, but our products do closely imitate organic designs. It means that you can have the look of natural wicker, without any of the maintenance.

Polypropylene baskets will also last longer and are a better choice for more permanent bakery displays and presentations. At DSG Retail, we produce wholesale wicker baskets of the highest quality, and they come in a surprising variety of styles and designs. There is no such thing as a standard wicker' basket, because the material may be braided in different ways.

For example, some have thicker braided edges, often in a contrasting color to make the top of the display stand out. The 'trug' design is always a big hit, as it provides plenty of flat, stable space for round items. It serves a visual purpose as well because the trug shape is associated with traditional picnic baskets.

We have bakery display baskets with no handles, with side handles, and with arching top handles. They come with flat bottoms, curved bottoms, and sloping bottoms. You can stack them, tilt them, or hang them; whatever your bakery display ideas require. As willow, rattan, and plastic are all very lightweight materials, even the biggest baskets are easy to move.

Purchase Our Wholesale Wicker Baskets in Bulk for Discounts

Create the perfect bread or bakery display by combining our wicker display baskets or washable plastic baskets with custom manufactured stands and racks. These come in a variety of sizes and designs that allow for the creation of the ideal fresh baked goods point of purchase displays. Wire, wood and metal designs are available and offered for sale. Need a mobile display? Check out our display stands with casters.

DSG Retail offers discount prices for customers who buy their display baskets in bulk quantities. That means that you can kit out your entire shop and save money. If you would like to know more about this service or have any questions about bulk purchasing, get in touch with our customer service team.

You can telephone us at 1 (800) 211-9646. Get a hold of us through live chat or email us. We would love to have a chat and discuss your needs directly. Whether you have got a local bakery or your business is part of a larger franchise or chain, we have got the tools you need to turn every merchandising display into a major asset.

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