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Bulk Food Merchandising

DGS Retail offers a variety of products to help you handle bulk foods, dry foods and more. We offer gravity dispensers and scoop bins from the leading brands. We also help you customize your bulk foods section with a selection of shelving displays complete with necessary bins.

Bulk Food Displays

Bulk Food Bins & Accessories

Bulk Merchandising: A Great Way for Customers to Control What They Buy

In recent years, consumers are desiring greater control over the groceries they buy. While they may enjoy packaged forms of cereals and snacks, they want to treat them more like produce. One way supermarkets are responding to the demand is creating bulk food sections. DGS Retail is happy to respond to this development by supplying various products suited for selling bulk dry foods. These include gravity and scoop bins for sale, as well as shelving units designed to hold them.

Buying Bulk Food Saves Money - And the Environment

There are many benefits to adding bulk foods to your store, both for your store bottom line and your customer experience. The first thing is the cost-benefit: On your end, dispensed foods cost less than packaged food and outsells them. Part of the cost savings comes from not needing to advertise, since customers actually see the product. Being able to see the product also gives off a perceived look of freshness, and the lack of packaging creates value in the minds of customers. Finally, you gain a lot of shelf density from having far more product in dispensers and bins than in packages on shelves. All of this increases your profit margins.

For customers, they see cost savings and a way to protect the environment. For one, they perceive bulk foods as saving money, because they’re just buying the product, not the brand or packaging. They’re also reducing waste, since they have greater control how much food they need. Moreover, they’re going green by cutting down on package and resource waste, which can be a big bonus for more environmentally conscious consumers.

In adding a bulk food section, you’ll increase interest from green and value customers, thus boosting sales. You’ll have a return on investment within months.

Dry Foods Are Versatile

With wholesale bulk food bins, you can do a lot to interest and intrigue your customers. On the most basic level, you can develop a bulk foods section, filled with gravity dispensers stacked above scoop bins to give customers nuts, spices, cereals, and flour. Rice is also a very good dry food to work with in bulk purchases, since it’s a common staple everywhere.

In relation to nuts, you can make a snack mix section with your bulk bins. Customers can be easily persuaded to make impulse purchases of nuts, raisins and pretzels when they see these items right in from of them, just one scoop away. The same goes for sweets: Create a candy section, and you’ll grab the interest of children and children at heart by mixing and matching different items.

Keeping Bulk Foods Green

While bulk food bins give a green appeal to consumers, they are also environmentally friendly on their own terms. Bins by Trade Fixtures last for more than 10 years thanks to a durable, high-impact polycarbonate construction that is also BPA-free. They’re also recyclable when you’re done using them. The use of bulk foods benefits from FIFO stock rotation, which helps keeps products fresh and minimizes waste. On top of this, the containers have various seals that keeps air and moisture out. That helps preserve these dry foods for longer, ensuring that you won’t throw out spoiled products.

With all this in mind, DGS Retail offers a great selection of products to make your store ready for bulk foods, from bins to display shelving units. We can help you with the design with our Free Store Design Layout!