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Liquor Store Shelving, Signs and Design Ideas

Liquor Store Supplies

Whether you’re opening a liquor store, opening a wine store or want to remodel an existing store to increase sales DGS Retail has the liquor industry expertise to help. Professional liquor store managers know that the most expensive component to operating a liquor store is the inventory. Dealing with liquor wholesalers, distributors and the sometimes-complex state liquor regulations can also be challenging for an owner operator. Designing a liquor store and purchasing store shelving, signs and displays should not be. DGS Retail has been serving the liquor and food service industry since 1979. We supply package stores, wine shops, grocery stores and convenience stores with high quality store fixtures and in-store signage at a wholesale price. We understand the bottle capacity and shopper communication issues that liquor stores deal with on a daily basis. Store planners and visual merchandisers agree that a professionally laid out and designed wine or liquor store can go a long way in increasing sales and decreasing labor at the store. DGS Retail’s liquor store layout services, gondola shelving, bottle displays, commercial wine racks and retail display signage are designed to simplify a store manager’s life so that they can focus on their business.

Commercial Wine Racks

Wine Store Shelving

Wine store shelving, displays and rack fixtures are critical components to operating a successful retail operation. Liquor bottle inventory space requirements can be the bulk of the store’s floor plan. Additionally, liquor is liquid and generally packaged in heavy glass bottles so it’s heavy and needs the proper amount of structural support and space to be adequately displayed. Many stores do not have any backroom space for overstock storage and have to find space for their entire inventory on the sales floor. For stores that do have backroom storage, warehouse racking or pallet racking solutions are required to maximize storage space yet still leave enough room to be able to access the liquor inventory. Grocery stores that offer wine as a separate department often want to differentiate the space so that it stands out from the rest of the store and displays the bottles in the best possible way so that it leaves a good impression with shoppers. Do this right and your store becomes a destination for future purchases. DGS Retail offers complete solutions in liquor store shelving, black gondola shelving and back room warehouse racks. Commercial wine racks, wooden wine displays and wine impulse racks that can be placed at the check out counters are also offered. Wooden wine racks that are engineered for commercial usage are designed to be able to support the weight of the glass bottles. They also need to be able to withstand the day-to-day interactions with your store's customers as they shop the display. Our line of store fixtures are heavy duty and designed for the heavy weights of liquor and wine bottles and the abuse that they can receive in a bust retail establishment.

Gondola Shelving Manufacturer

Black Gondola Shelving Accessories and Signs

DGS Retail specializes in the food, liquor and retail industry and has been on many store manager's equipment lists since 1979. Leverage our industry expertise to help outfit your retail store and to provide everything from gondola shelving to aisle signs and store decorations. We have an extensive line of store shelving solutions that is sold in a variety of sizes. There are individual walk-around island displays available that make for great point of purchase display in small grocery stores or convenience stores. There is also a complete selection of retail black gondola shelving that comes in different heights, aisle lengths and shelf arrangements. We offer wood gondola and wine racks that are designed to display as much or as little liquor inventory as desired. Island racks or double sided gondola shelving systems are sold. There are also retail wall displays or single sided gondola units available. Because we understand that your retail floor space is valuable DGS Retail stocks deep metal gondola shelves. These are available to maximize the amount of wine cases and bottles that can be displayed in your store. Because we realize that most products that are visually merchandised in convenience and wine stores are heavy our shelves are rated at 300 pounds each. They can be inserted into the slotted vertical standards at 1" increments and the shelves can be installed flat or angled. This allows for a variety of product display planograms. As a manufacturer we stock a wide assortment of gondola parts and accessories. DGS Retail offers hangbars, crossbars, saddle hooks and regular peghooks. There are tiered wire dump bins and wooden dump bin displays that can be installed onto the gondola shelving. We offer wood gondola shelving and regular pegboard gondola in black, white or beige. There are displays with vertical slatwall construction as well. Check out our gondola gridwall panels solutions. These are ideal when you want a retail store fixture that you can partially see through. The shelving systems are ideal for liquor, wine, grocery and convenience stores.

Retail Wine Rack and Nesting Table Displays

Liquor Point of Purchase Displays

Wooden commercial wine racks and metal wine display designs are a great way to highlight the natural or locally sourced wines and craft liquors that your store offers to consumers. We also offer retail wooden nesting tables displays and tiered basket and crate displays that are specially designed for wine and liquor shop use. These have innovative and versatile wooden wine crate construction details that will add aunthenticity and warmth to a retail selling floor.

Liquor Store Design Layout

Sign Up for Free Store Layout Design Offer

Once you’ve decided on the right store shelving, commercial wine racks and liquor display shelves you’ll need to know how many will fit in your store and the best way to lay them out. DGS Retail is a liquor store design company and offers free liquor store shelving layout services. You supply us with a dimensioned store floor plan and photos of the space and we’ll provide you a 3D layout of your store showing the placement of our store fixtures for free and with no obligation. We can work from either hand dimensioned sketches or architectural floor plans to layout the racking in your store. The layout will also show you the capacity of standard wine bottles that the shelf racks can hold. This will help you with your liquor store inventory planning as well as in negotiations with your liquor distributors and wholesalers.

Modern Liquor Store Design

Get Store Shelving, Display and Retail Signage Design Ideas

For a complete store design that includes wall signage, decor and graphic design check out our available design services that are outlined here: DGS Retail Design Services We can work with you to help create the perfectly design liquor store for your neighborhood and customer demographics.

Liquor Store and Wine Shop Decorations

Custom Retail Signage Displays, Dimensional Signs and Gondola Signage Ideas

The right liquor store shelving and racks are important but professional in store signage and liquor store interior design is what your customers will need to complete the purchase process. DGS Retail offers complete interior retail design solutions that include beer cave signs, wall decorations and signage, aisle signs and markers, wine shelf talkers and liquor store shelving sign holders. We have everything from magnetic sign holders that you can use on gondola shelves to retail headers and hanging department signage or perimeter dimensional letter signs. Advertise your specials and events like wine tastings or new product introductions with sign holders that are designed to work with our store fixtures. DGS Retail can supply the printed signs too. We offer custom retail signage displays that are ordered online so you can complete the perfect retail shopping environment.

Liquor Store Aisle Signs

Liquor Store Interior Design Tips

Finding the right bottle of wine in a liquor store can be a challenge. If your store is busy a shopper may not get their questions answered in a timely manner. Help your wine shoppers find what they came into your store looking for with professional aisle signs and markers. In a sea of bottles that make up a typical wine shop not only is finding the right one sometimes difficult even finding the right wine category can be a challenge. DGS Retail offers both aisle signs that attach to gondola shelving and hanging aisle signs that are suspended from ceilings.