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Refrigerated Display Case

Wide Selection of Commercial Refrigerated Display Cases

DGS Retail offers premium new and used refrigerated cases to display cold food and beverages at retail. Keep your food displays fresh and create your ideal food merchandising presentation with our new and used quality refrigerated cases. Your shoppers and customers will notice your food assortment and attention to detail when you display your items in the latest designed display cases. Our wide assortment can be used for both frozen foods and fresh food items as well as beverages, beer and wines. DGS Retail has some of the largest brands in refrigerated display cases for sale. We also offer the best in remanufactured or used display cases and many specialty cases including units for service counters, self service counters, countertop refrigerated cases and reach-in coolers and freezers.

Refrigerated Food Display Cases

Refrigerated Beverage Display Cases

DGS Retail is a supplier of grocery store equipment, store fixtures, signage and decor and we have been serving the retail industry since 1979 with some of the best ideas in food merchandising. Our extensive line of refrigerated food display cases and refrigerated beverage display cases are designed to provide store owners and managers with great cost saving refrigeration solutions for their fresh foods and beverages. Most of the commercial display cases DGS Retail sells are sold in a variety of different configurations and cooling technologies. This allows us to offer the widest possible variety of refrigerated food display ideas in grocery store cases. Our commercial display refrigerators are used in frozen food aisles, convenience stores for beverages, liquor stores, grocery stores, bakeries and more.

Refrigerated Bakery Cases

Refrigerated Countertop Display Case

Fresh baked cakes, pastries, desserts and pies required specific temperature control to maintain their freshness and at the same time be completely visible to your shoppers. Check out DGS Retail’s refrigerated bakery display cases and pastry refrigerated display cases. Whether you have a bakery service area of your store or you want a self-serve donut case and pastry merchandiser, we have the refrigeration solution for you. There are single and multi-deck models offered that are floor standing or countertop refrigerated display cases that can be placed on a tabletop or other raised surface.

Commercial Beer Coolers

Beverage Refrigerator Glass Doors

Frozen Foods Coolers

Grab-n-go type beverage coolers have become increasingly popular as more and more retailers tap into the benefit of added incremental sales that they bring. DGS Retail has many commercial beer coolers for sale and commercial refrigerators. Designed for use at grocery stores, liquor stores and convenience stores they can be used at most any retailer. Medium temperature and low temperature for frozen food models are for sale. Reach-in coolers with wide doors are the best for showcasing your products and for saving energy. Glass door frames in a variety of finishes and materials are offered. Some models have removable casters for easy unloading and installation. Smart lighting choices save even more energy and highlight your food and beverage products to appeal to your customers. Medium temperature glass door beverage coolers can be utilized for beverages, produce, dairy or meat. Rear load and walk-in cooler designs are available.

Open Air Refrigerated Display Cases

Air Curtain Merchandisers

Open Air Beverage Coolers

Add to the ease of the grab and go mentality with open air refrigerated display cases. DGS Retail offers many surprisingly energy saving models with the latest thinking in open air curtain cooling. This technology can be used in vertical refrigerated display cases, countertop cases or island display cases. Check out our wide selection for more food and beverage point-of-purchase display ideas and pictures.

Deli Display Cases

Countertop Deli Case Refrigerated

Nothing says fresh food like a service deli or a open air grab-n-go refrigerated display case with fresh deli meat sandwiches and cheeses. Prepared foods are a growing trend in retail and can offer you a high margin category that will also build customer loyalty. Keep them coming back for more with DGS Retail’s deli display cases and refrigerated countertop display cases. Many models offered have curved glass fronts in both service counter and self-service versions. Refrigerated deli display cases are for sale in both vintage and modern case designs. Our remanufactured or used cases offer an alternative deli display solution that can save money!

Refrigerated Produce Display Cases

Refrigerated Floral Display Cases

Fresh produce is another growing trend in retail that is more and more in demand. Fresh produce is now being sold at non-traditional retailers including drug stores and c-stores. Capitalize on this trend with DGS Retail’s line of refrigerated produce display cases that are engineered to keep your produce and floral products fresh longer. Tall cases with glass doors or open air curtain models are for sale. Cooling technology options are offered for a variety of different in-field situations or zoning restrictions.

Salad Bar Equipment

Refrigerated Salad Bars

Mediterranean Bars and Olive Bars

For more prepared food variety to offer your shoppers try cold salads and olive selections. DGS Retail has a wide selection of cold salad bar equipment that is offered in a variety of sizes and styles. Check out our Mediterranean bars and olive bar equipment as well. Self-serve and service models are for sale in tall case, island or end cap models.

Supermarket Refrigerated Display Case Manufacturer

Free Design Service

Display Case Installation

DGS Retail supplies the retail industry with refrigerated display cases and design. We offer complete design service based on your needs. Our expert installers can completely install your retail refrigeration case solution as well. Call for details.