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refrigerated bakery display cases
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Item #: P9501 Hillphoenix BLF Refrigerated Bakery Case -

P9501 Hillphoenix BLF Small Refrigerated Bakery Display Case Hill Phoenix Display CasesService Refrigerated Bakery Display CaseCurved Glass Display CaseThe Hill Phoenix BLF refrigerated bakery case is a full-service display case designed to showcase food products by utilizing space efficiently while keeping foods at their proper storage temperatures. It is an excellent way to increase revenue and sales as it provides a unique display that allows customers to see the freshness and quality of...

refrigerated bakery display case
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Item #: P9502 Hillphoenix BMD Hi-Capacity Display Case -

P9502 Hillphoenix BMD High Capacity Refrigerated Bakery Display Case Hillphoenix Refrigeration Modern Bakery Display Layout A Hill Phoenix BMD refrigerated display case can be an excellent way to showcase bakery products in just about any food service operation, including coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, candy shops, gift shops and institutional cafeterias. The full-service display case stands out beautifully to show off your bakery product selections...

combination food display case
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Item #: P9503 Hillphoenix PTDR-R -

P9503 Hillphoenix PTD Refrigerated Combination Bakery Display Case Combination Food Display CaseRefrigerated Self Service CaseGrab and Go Case All in One!Optimize your fresh baked goods or candy selling performance and experience an overall increase in sales and impulse purchases with this beautiful Hillphoenix PTD refrigerated bakery display case. Perfect for the small grocery store designs, bakery design layouts and the best candy shop designs. Your pastries, cakes, pies and assorted baked...

refrigerated candy display case
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Item #: P9504 Hillphoenix SMD Small Refrigerated Display Case -

P9504 Hillphoenix SMD Small Refrigerated Candy Display Case Professional Grade Hillphoenix Refrigeration Upscale Curved Glass Refrigerated Display Case This refrigerated bakery display case is offered with the option of economical flat glass or a modern curved glass design inspired by European candy shops. This is a professional grade refrigerated candy display case that’s engineered by Hillphoenix - a world renowned leader in cold food display cases. This is a small footprint service counter...

Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Attractive and Affordable Refrigerated Bakery Cases!

DGS Retail offers premium quality bakery display cases to keep your food fresh while also providing an opportunity to attract the attention of the casual shopper. Our cases are designed to keep the focus squarely on your products, making it impossible for buyers to ignore the delicious goodness you offer. Expect an increase in impulse purchases!

Premium Quality Refrigerated Pastry Display Cases

Refrigerated Dessert Display Cases

Refrigerated Cake Display Cases

Bakery products need attention. They need presentation and adequate storage to ensure they stay fresh. We understand exactly what you need and offer dry bakery display cases to keep your baked goods in the freshest state possible. With our best quality bakery display cases, all your bakery products will sell like hot cakes and your sales are bound to go through the roof. DGS Retail has a wide selection of pastry display cases and dessert display cases. They are offered in designs for service counters as well as self service solutions. Choose from direct expansion models or units with remote condensers or secondary coolant systems.

Variety of Options to Choose From

We understand that there are different requirements for different bakeries when it comes to choosing dry bakery display cases. Therefore, we offer you a number of options to choose from. You can get self-service display cases, refrigerated bakery countertop displays or countertop bakery display cases as per your particular needs and available space. We also offer used refrigerated display cases at affordable prices. Multiple lengths including 4’, 6’, 8’ and 12’ are included. Different case front styles and sill heights are offered. Adjustable wire shelves or racks and custom colors and finishes add merchandising flexibility.

Refrigerated Bakery Display Case Features

·Maximum energy efficiency

·LED lighting options

·Multi-deck or shelf options, glass doors or open grab-n-go models

·Multiple finishes available

·Multiple sill heights to increase visibility and access of products

·Multiple case depth options

·Self-service or cases for service areas of stores

·Countertop models

·Mirrored, clear, swing or rear door options