Who We Are

DGS Retail Store Supplies


A space. Because really.

Our Aim

Our mission is simple, inspiring shoppers with practical innovation.

For over 35 years, DGS has remained a highly entrepreneurial, fast paced organization that has tenured relationships in the grocery, retail, brand and food service industries.

Our company has grown through strategic acquisitions to better position itself as a total solutions partner for our customers.

We operate under four US based manufacturing locations as well as through our import division that manages all global sourcing and production.

We've remained privately held, with a strong balance sheet, enabling us to cater to our client's needs, not those of investors.

Our Purpose

INNOVATION - DGS retail creates and captures retail visions

SPEED - Having best-class facilities & equipment is part of delivering a custom solution

SERVICE - Innovation and speed are delivered with the best in customer service

MISSION - To inspire shoppers with practical information

VISION - To provide worry-free solutions that make your job easier with superior innovation, superior speed and superior service

VALUE PROPOSITION - Single source solution: a complete solution for your retail environment that drive sales and create customer loyalty

Our Team

DGS Retail is comprised of over 1000 dedicated individuals committed to delivering excellence every day. Our team of designers, installment professionals, project managers and fulfillment specialists work collectively to create signature décor, displays and store fixturing that customers won’t forget. Our senior leadership team is involved, ensuring every DGS customer receives the personal attention from at least one of these individuals. Our team is:

• Visible to all of our clients
• Strategic in direction
• Practical in execution
• Committed to innovation and technology
• Ethical in its approach to people, the environment and the corporate footprint

Our Promise to You

We think alternatively about our approach and behave responsibly towards the environment by providing eco-friendly alternative material options when feasible, and have expertise in LEED certified programs.

We see our role as a partner with you, our employees and our children. We use water based paints, eco-friendly inks and reclaimed wood products. We have eliminated harmful lead content from nearly 100% of our raw materials as well as reducing our landfill volume by 70% in addition to reducing energy consumption by installing motion sensor lighting in all of our facilities.

Our four manufacturing facilities provide employment to over 200 local families. We proudly support each of those local economies and communities as much as possible, selecting vendor partners and sourcing materials within close proximity to each facility