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A space. Because really.

  • Add this dimensional letter sign to your interior walls to advertise the products in your store!
  • Sign is made of 3D letters and can be customized for your application.
  • The sign shown is 12 feet wide and features 20"H raised letters but it can be custom made to almost any size!
  • Order as is or let DGS Retail design your perfect sign.
  • Installation services available.
Price: $989.00

    Need Beer Signage? DGS Retail Can Help

    Professionals in retail architecture and store interior design know the importance of large interior liquor store signs in helping to get customers to what they're looking for in your store. DGS Retail specializes in large dimensional letter wall signs for liquor stores. Sometimes these signs are referred to by different names. They are called 3 D letter signs, raised letter signs or dimensional signage. This liquor store cold beer wall sign is an interior store sign that's designed for use in liquor stores, grocery stores or convenience stores. Ideal for placement directly above cooler runs, beer caves or liquor store shelving or liquor store displays.

    This is a great addition to grocery store signs for highlighting a beer or wine department in your store. DGS Retail can make the sign to read almost anything including cold beer, craft beer or wine as an example. The liquor store sign is designed for interior use. DGS Retail can make the copy and colors match your store interior design or come up with a new unique look for your store. The sign as shown is 12' wide and features 20" tall dimensional letters that are 1/2" thick. The dimensional letter sign is shown floating on a 2" tall x 1/2" thick band that's finished with a brushed aluminum laminate. Beneath the sign the smaller letters - sold separately - are vinyl letters that are applied directly to the finished painted wall. For more information contact a DGS Retail Liquor Store Signage Specialist at (800) 211-9646 today!