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A space. Because really.

  • Multi layer interior sign with raised letters is ideal for liquor or convenience stores!.
  • Made of lightweight expanded plastic material - easy to install.
  • Price includes one sign 36"H x 96"W x about 2" thick in total. Sign can be customized with up to (10) dimensional letters and (3) colors for a one of a kind retail signage solution.
  • Other sign sizes and designs available.
Price: $849.00

    Wall Signage for Your Liquor Store

    Liquor store designers and retail architects specify retail signs like the liquor store sign for beverages as a custom way finding and brand cross merchandising sign that helps customers locate products at liquor stores. The store sign for beverages is a multi layer sign or a dimensional letter sign that is produced out of expanded plastic panels. This 3 D letter sign is durable and also lightweight for easy hanging and installation in the store. The store sign can be used as a grocery store sign, supermarket signage, restaurant design signs, small grocery store sign or a convenience store sign. The sign is finished on one side and designed to be hung on an interior wall. Other 2-sided and hanging sign liquor store signs are available.

    The in-store sign is custom built with your desired copy and is built in multi layers and colors. The retail sign can be finished in almost any color at no extra charge. This store sign is designed for interior use and will compliment most store interior design plans. It measures 36"H x 96"W x about 2" thick total and is supplied with wooden cleats for easy wall installation. The retail signage can be customized to be a wine sign, a beer sign, a cheese sign, a cigar sign or just have your liquor store logo or store advertisement on it.

    For more information on the liquor store sign or grocery store sign contact a DGS Retail Liquor store design expert today!