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A space. Because really.

  • Vintage corrugated metal sign that's custom made with your copy.
  • Sign is manufactured with real metal corrugated roofing panels that are used on barns.
  • Metal retail sign has 3D letters that can spell out your department name or message.
  • Sign offered in 2 sizes - 48"H x 96"W and 30"H x 96"W.
  • Large printed signs on both sides of the center metal sign are sold separately.
  • Easy to order: Place order, DGS Retail contacts you to go over your free sign design. We send you a color proof drawing to ok before we proceed with making the sign.
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Price: $789.00

    Custom Corrugated Metal Signs

    Everything old is new again with this supermarket decor signage that features an old fashioned sense of style with classic design elements for an original look. Your customers will feel at home with this truly remarkable and homey design. DGS Retail offers this authentic rustic in-store signage that is made with real corrugated metal roofing panels and dimensional letters.

    The dimensional sign also includes a raised frame border for a finished look that your customers will love. The corrugated metal is actual 100% galvanized steel and has that distinctive wavy pattern. We cut the corrugated tin, or as it's sometimes called, corrugated metal siding down to size and then make a custom sign from it. The sign is hung from a finished wall with the supplied wood cleats. The “Greens” family of retail signage can be used in produce, dairy, bakery, deli or any other area of the store. We offer this custom corrugated metal sign in two sizes for maximum flexibility. For larger store interior designs we recommend the 48"H x 96"W size that's shown.

    If you have a wide soffit or wall to cover you can consider adding the two large printed signs that are shown next to the center corrugated sign. The two side signs are sold separately. For small grocery store design or retail interiors with lower ceilings we suggest the smaller version of this sign. It measures 30"H x 96"W. Both signs have dimensional letters that are custom made to spell out what you like. Add copy, a store logo, or a custom message for no additional charge.

    Supermarket Signage Design

    Metal signs like this are inspired by farmer's markets, old barns and country decor. They help to make the connection in your shopper's minds that your meat and deli products are farm fresh and locally sourced. This type of retail signage solution will help to improve store sales, increase customer loyalty, and raise foot traffic.

    It's easy to buy this sign. The number one step is to know what will fit. Determine your available wall space and order the size sign that will work for you. After DGS Retail gets your order, we contact you. We gather your directions as to what you want the sign to say and your desired colors. A color scale drawing of the sign will be sent to you. Once we receive your approval we begin to make the sign. The sign can be installed by your carpenters or decorators or ask DGS Retail for an install quote.

    Corrugated metal signs are commonly used as grocery store signage, restaurant design ideas, convenience store decor, supermarket signs, coffee shop design signs and more. DGS Retail also has corrugated metal awnings that are custom made for retail signage use. Supermarket interior design ideas like this are great but your store is not finished without store fixtures and aisle signs. Check out our product lines in these areas to add to your professionally design store interior.