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organic market grocery store aisle sign
  • organic market grocery store aisle sign
  • aisle signage supermarket convenience stores
  • WHITBY ENDCAP, Localized Grocery Store, Printed Woodgrain Aisle Signs  - P2122
  • Signs are Custom Printed: Add your store logo, colors & copy at no additional charge! After your order is placed a DGS Retail Signage Specialist will contact you to go over options and your copy requirements.
  • Retail signage for gondola shelving - mounts to most existing store shelving and other surfaces.
  • Sign is height adjustable - from 22"H to 32"H - this allows signs to be at a consistent height even when placed of different size store fixtures.
  • Universal base - signs can be rotated 90 degrees and positioned inline over standard slotted uprights or on end cap as shown. Sign can be perpendicular or parallel to gondola.
  • Base can also be used for mounting sign to flat surface - use to sign cooler or freezer runs.
  • Compatible with Madix and Lozier shelves.
  • Great for liquor stores, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores!
Retail: $169.00
Price: $122.48
You Save: $46.52 (27.5%)

    Aisle Signs That Improve Your Local Ties

    One of the hottest retail trends is localized grocery store wood aisle signs that depict local and state design themes. Add Shop Local signs, Support Local signs, Locally Sourced signs, Organic Food signs, Local Food System signs, Regional Food System signs, Grown Locally signs, Sustainable Food signs or Farmer's Market signs to your store's cross merchandising efforts. Connect with your consumers by offering a local mix of products or food and them communicating the benefits of community supported agriculture thru localized grocery store wood aisle signs by DGS Retail. The localized grocery store wood aisle signs shown have printed wood grain on partially recycled plastic material and feature 1000's of localized designs and depict your desired product copy.

    Create A Look That Impresses Customers

    The aisle marker is also called an aisle directory or an aisle marker. The sign is frequently displayed at liquor stores over locally brewed beer, locally sourced wine or cheese. It is also used at grocery stores, convenience C stores and supermarkets. The printed woodgrain aisle signage can be used to advertise locally made cosmetics, food and spices. Use the signs in conjunction with produce tables, produce bins and bakery tables and bakery bins. The signs can be used at college book stores, craft stores and anywhere where a natural retail environment is desired.

    The sign's product cards are 4"H x 12"W and include up to 8 per sign. The signs include a 100% steel metal bracket that mounts onto most liquor store shelving and store gondola shelving units. The overall sign measures 30"W x 22"H and includes a 2-sided center mounted plaque with your custom store logo printed on it. For more information on how DGS Retail can support you local sustainable food or products marketing efforts contact a DGS Retail Local signage and store fixture expert today!

    Ordering this sign is easy. Place your order online. A DGS Retail representative will connect with you after we receive your order to go over the printing options. DGS Retail will create a color drawing of your unique sign design for you to approve before we proceed with your order. Click here for frequently asked questions.