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wet produce display orchard bin
  • Merchandise wet produce on ice!
  • Small Wood Orchard Bin with stainless steel liner.
  • Measures 36" x 16" x 36"H.
  • Door opens to access drain.
  • Shown in Warm Chestnut stain. Custom color stained for free! CLICK HERE to see color guide in new tab.
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Price: $481.00

    Keep Your Fruits Fresh with Wet Orchard Bins

    Eating fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep a low fat, high fiber diet and lowering disease risk. Promote fruits and vegetables in your store and educate your shoppers to the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle. Display fresh fruits and vegetables and wet produce in a prominent area of your store with this great wet produce display orchard bin. Its small size will allow you to position it almost anywhere in your grocery store to display products like asparagus or fresh squeezed fruit juices in ice.

    Many fruits and vegetables require colder temperatures to maintain freshness in your store. These include items like peaches, pears, strawberries, broccoli, bok choy and lettuce. You should also check your produce a few times a day to make sure that they are being frequently rotated. Be sure to keep your produce displays restocked. Empty displays look unappealing.

    The wet produce display orchard bin has a galvanized steel riser and a door to access drain area. Built with sturdy wood and steel brackets the wet produce display orchard bin is supplied stained in custom color wood stains at no additional charge. Measuring 36"W x 36"H x 16"D the wet produce display orchard bin is perfect for a small display at the front of your produce section or a stand alone produce display almost anywhere. The wet produce display is called an orchard bin, wet produce case, produce table, and a wet produce rack. It's often used at grocery stores, convenience stores, coffee shops and fast casual restaurants as a rack to display cold apple cider and other cold produce products.