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A space. Because really.

  • Solid steel construction for long lasting durability
  • Add to back of Produce Display Table top to increase visual merchandising area.
  • Overall size is 12"D x 48"W. Increases Produce Display Table top area to 48"W x 48"D.
  • Washable and rugged thick black plastic panel top included.
Price: $39.00

    P2424 Produce Table Rack Extender Accessory, Increases Tabletop Depth, 48W x 12D

    Accessories for Produce Displays

    Euro Table Top Extender

    For stores with extra floor space that want a larger display add this 12" produce tabletop extender to the back of your Produce Display Table. Expands the produce rack top to a full 48" x 48". Constructed out of durable black metal and lined with rugged and washable thick black plastic liner. Used to create a large stunning visual merchandising area for produce, bakery or other products. Increase produce rack size from 48"W x 36"D to 48"W x 48"D. Great when utilized to cross merchandise produce, vegetables, fruits and related products at grocery stores. Also seen at convenience stores, restaurants and coffee shops. Combine with wooden orchard bins and wood crates for a spectacular visual merchandiser look!