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  • Euro Table Banana Riser "Produce Protector" Liner - Protect your investment with our special crosslinked polyethylene Produce Protector® liner that extends the life of your produce. Washable.
  • Overall size is 48"W x 36"D
  • Fits over our plastic banana display riser and helps to extend the shelf life of bananas, melons, cantaloupes, and other sensitive fruits and vegetables.
  • Please note that riser may not be used in conjunction with our Produce Header Sign.

Price: $119.00

    P2438 Produce Table Rack, Soft Cover for Banana Riser, Reduces Bruising, 48W x 36D

    Produce Merchandising Ideas

    Banana Display

    Some sensitive fruits and vegetables emit a natural gas called ethylene as they ripen. While completely natural and harmless this gas can cause the fruits and vegetables to ripen faster as it builds up. This can lead to spoilage and a short shelf life on your produce displays. Ripening fruit is inevitable but you can delay the process with some helpful produce merchandising tips and housekeeping ideas. First - you should try to keep your produce department well ventilated. Second - produce items that make ethylene should not be displayed next to other fruits and vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene. Bananas, cantaloupe, papayas, avocados, peaches and pears all generate natural ethylene. They should be kept away from broccoli, cabbage, citrus fruits and potatoes which are susceptible to it.

    Black Foam Banana Riser

    Another way to delay the ripening process is to display your produce on well organized produce tables and racks. DGS Retail has been supplying the produce industry since 1979 with some of the best merchandising ideas available. Our soft foam cover for our banana display riser fits snuggly over the plastic food riser and provides a padded surface that helps protect your produce inventory. Made with our unique special crosslinked polyethylene the Produce Protector® liner will reduce bruising and premature ripening of most fruits and vegetables. The foam material is completely sealed and can be easily washed in warm soapy water. It measures 48"W x 36"D.