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A space. Because really.

  • Large Wood Crate Set of 3.
  • Stained with semi-transparent water based stain for vintage look.
  • Large Crate is 19"W x 19"L x 19"D.
  • Medium Crate is 15"W x 15"L x 15"D.
  • Small Crate is 11"W x 11"L x 11"D.
  • Side panels have hand holes and are 1/2" thick!
  • Check out the other colors that are available. Mix and Match colors - Call for details.
  • Add an available custom fruit crate label with your store logo or message!
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Price: $94.97

    Add Color To Your Liquor Displays

    This large wood crate display set of 3, vintage fruit crate set of 3 nesting wood crates is a must have addition to any grocery store, C store, farmers market, supermarket, organic store or restaurant. Specially designed with wood slats and solid sides with hand holes and built in three sizes, this wood crate display set is perfect for commercial or home use. We manufacture this wood crate set from durable wood to last for a long time.

    This large wood crate display set is an ideal way to keep contents organized and attractively displayed. With the wood slat design and solid side panels with cut out hand holes, your customers should not have any problem viewing the contents of the wood crate display and you can easily move them around. A vintage fruit crate set like this also makes it easier for employees to know when the food item is running low, and its time to refill them.

    This large wood crate display set has limitless possibilities! A large wood crate display set can be used to store an assortment of fruits, vegetables, produce or wine and other products like soaps, cheese or even cosmetics. Fill up the large wood crate display set with irresistible contents to draw customer's attention. This large wood crate display set of 3 crates is sure to add a farmers market look to your retail display! A large wood crate display set of three crates can be arranged in multiple ways facing up, down or sideways. Use the crates as platforms by flipping them upside down or put products directly in them. Add an available vintage fruit crate label with your store’s logo or message. For more information call a DGS Retail Design Specialist at (800) 211-9646. Call Today!