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A space. Because really.

  • Large Wood Crate Set of 3.
  • Stained with semi-transparent water based stain for vintage look.
  • Large Crate is 19"W x 19"L x 19"D.
  • Medium Crate is 15"W x 15"L x 15"D.
  • Small Crate is 11"W x 11"L x 11"D.
  • Side panels have hand holes and are 1/2" thick!
  • Check out the other colors that are available. Mix and Match Colors - Call for Details!
  • Add an available custom fruit crate label with your store logo or message!
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Price: $94.97

    Wooden Wine Crates Make Great Displays

    These stackable wooden wine or fruit crate displays are made of pine wood. The wooden wine crate displays are sold in a nesting set of three crates and are convenient for customers to be able to view your product display showcase. These wooden wine crates are stackable and have hand holes cut into the ½” thick side panels. This is a great feature of these containers because the wooden wine crates can easily be moved around your store by simply picking them up using the hand holes.

    These stackable wooden wine crates are sometimes referred to as fruit crates or vintage crates. The wooden wine crates can be arranged any way you like. Place the open side down to use the wooden wine crate as a food or product wood riser. Place the crates on their sides to use as a feature product display. These wooden wine crates can be a bulk food or candy display as well. These wood crates can hold a variety of products including fruit, wine bottles, vegetables, candy, produce or even cosmetics! Line the crates with burlap sacks and display bulk items like nuts or candy. The wooden wine crates can hold pre-packaged and as well as loose bulk goods.

    Wood Crates That Are Versatile in Any Setting

    These wooden wine crates can work in a grocery store, supermarket, candy store, c store or a bakery or just about any retail store. The wooden wine crates are constructed out of thick wood for heavy duty use and are built to last. The wooden wine crates are stained with environmentally friendly water-based semi-transparent Salsa red stain. Check out the other colors available! A large wood crate display set of three crates can be arranged in multiple ways facing up, down or sideways. Use the crates as platforms by flipping them upside down or put products directly in them. Add an available vintage fruit crate label with your store’s logo or message. For more information call a DGS Retail Design Specialist at (800) 211-9646. Call Today!