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  • Discover how gridwall gondola shelving can open up your store layout
  • Heavy-duty double sided black gondola shelving display with gridwall back
  • 22"D base shelves hold more product.
  • Black retail shelving for sale in 48”W starter and add-on units. Make any length aisle.
  • Shelves sold separately. Shelves support up to 300 lbs each
  • Try our free store design layout offer today!
Price: $270.00
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    Image Item # Description Options Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    P2535 Lozier Retail Shelving, Black Gondola Shelf, 48"W x 13"D
    In Stock 1 $23.00
    P2536 Lozier - Gondola Shelving, Black Liquor Store Shelf, 48"W x 16"D
    In Stock 1 $27.00
    P2537 Lozier - Black Gondola Shelf 48"W x 19"D
    In Stock 1 $29.00
    P2541 Lozier Black Metal Gondola Shelf 48W x 22D
    In Stock 1 $35.00

    P2602 Black Gondola Shelving, Gridwall Back, Double Sided Starter 48 x 54"H

    The Best Discount Shelving and Display Ideas

    Black Retail Shelving Units with See-Thru Gridwall

    DGS Retail supplies store fixtures to the industry direct from its factories at wholesale prices. Our factories produce metal gondola shelving, slatwall shelving, gridwall displays, wood store fixtures and complete retail signage solutions. Although we market value priced solutions we understand that low prices alone are not the complete story as far as our customers are concerned. In the busy and stretched-for-time world that retailers operate in we know that complete solutions matter. That’s why DGS Retail specializes in developing the best retail design solutions in shelving, racks, point of purchase displays and sign ideas. We are constantly designing and researching the most optimal ways to merchandise products at your store.

    Heavy Duty Gridwall Display Systems

    Get Look of Gridwall with Strength of Black Gondola Shelving

    This display is a retail island display unit that is the same on the back side as it is on the front. It’s a double sided gondola shelving unit that has a heavy-duty wire gridwall back panel to let the light shine through. There is a grid wall panel on both sides of the display. The black wire grid wall panels are part of the gondola shelving system. This allows you to install metal gondola shelves in front of the gridwall for maximum merchandising display options. Use gridwall peg hooks and shelves to get the most flexibility. DGS Retail sells a wide selection of gridwall accessories wholesale as well as gondola shelving parts.

    This is Black Gondola Shelving Double Sided Unit

    Thick Wire Gridwall Gondola Backings Let Light Thru

    This retail display is 54”H and is a double sided unit. The base shelves are 22”D on both sides. The display height is 54”H and the overall depth of the unit is 47”D. This display grid panel is supplied with all required parts to build what is shown. There are two durable wire grid wall display panels, two slotted metal gondola uprights and two base shelf assemblies. If you’re wondering how to install gondola shelving, this display includes the assembly instructions and only takes minutes to put together. This display is sold in 48”W starter kits as described above and in 48”W add-on kits. The 48”W add-on kits are used to extend the display to 96”W, 144”W and so on. The add-on kit includes the same parts as the starter kit however there is one less gondola uprite. Only one uprite is needed in the middle of two gridwall gondola shelving sections. This saves money in both store fixture costs and in assembly time.

    Gridwall Wall Displays

    Available Gondola Shelving Sizes and Parts

    Every store is different. Check out DGS Retail’s collection of different sized double sided gridwall displays and retail wall displays. We’re sure to have a retail design solution that will work for your application. Need design help? Try our free store design layout offer while it lasts!

    Get gridwall gondola sign holders for a total design. Gondola header, topper and shelf edge signage. choose from DGS Retail's wide selection of gondola sign holders, gondola header signs and shelf edge signs. Design your own point of purchase display and visually merchandise your store to help advertise your products.