Trade Fixtures Commercial Grade Rhino Nut Butter Grinder Machine

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  • USES LESS SPACE - Grind more nuts in less space! 
  • 5 UNITS FIT ON 48" SHELF - Sleek 9-inch width allows 5 units on a 4-foot-wide display.
  • EASY CLEAN - Unique dispensing mechanism reduces air exposure and cleaning time.
  • QUALITY TRADE FIXTURES GRINDER - Highly reliable, long-lasting, no overheating & easiest to clean.
  • GRINDS WHOLE NUTS - Grinds whole nuts or pieces.

Rhino Nut Grind Machines Make Fresh Peanut Butter Easy

While your customers may like pre-made store- and big-brand peanut butters, there’s something appealing about making it fresh. Even if it’s just at your grocery store, getting peanut butter, or even other nut butters such as almond butter, that’s freshly made creates a lasting impression on customers. It tastes better, and there’s no excess packaging to harm the environment. DGS Retail understands this, which is why we offer the Rhino Nut Grind Machine by Trade Fixtures. This commercial nut grinder makes it easy for grocery stores to incorporate fresh peanut, almond or any other nut butter to their selection.

Slick Industrial Nut Grinder Durable and Easy to Clean

With this peanut butter making machine, you have a modern design that greatly improves upon your competitors’ electric nut grinders. It has a sleek modern design that yields the same amount of nut butter with 25% less shelf space. On a four-foot-wide shelf, that means you can add up to five units, giving customers an additional flavor to choose from. The BPA-free nut hopper is larger, so you don’t have to worry about frequent restocks. The Rhino also comes with an adjustable timer and grinder settings. With a few adjustments, you can state how long the nut mill runs, and a consistency that is unique to your store. You can additionally use the grinding settings to offer different textures for picky customers.

The Rhino Nut Grind Machine takes advantage of a special dispensing mechanism that eliminates the chance of nut butter hanging from the front spout. This means less wasted product, a cleaner look to customers and fresher peanut butter. Combined with stainless steel housing, it makes for an easy cleaning experience. On top of this, the Rhino uses a durable and reliable motor that runs longer without issue. You don’t have to worry about your unit failing, thus retaining sales.

Nut Blender Also Works Great with Spices

There are a lot of different ways to use the Rhino Nut Grind Machine. This commercial nut and spice grinding machine can give you flexibility in terms of what’s on tap for peanut butter. You could have chunky and creamy set ups for your peanut butter, as well as regular and honey-roasted peanuts as options. You can also make almond butter and hazelnut butter with this machine.

On top of that, you can grind more than nuts, as it also mills spices. You can create ground cinnamon, peppercorn and more. For cooks, that’s a big plus. The choice is yours with the Rhino Nut Grind Machine by Trade Fixtures, available now at DGS Retail.

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