DGS Retail Store Supplies


A space. Because really.

  • A complete bulk foods display without the hassle.
  • Comes with 22 gravity bins and 32 scoop bins, all NSF certified, from Trade Fixtures.
  • Weighable scale helps customers select their dry foods.
  • Includes 96W x 84H gondola shelving unit & scale.

Price: $8,525.00

    Add Fun to Your Grocery Store with Bulk Food Displays

    Dry foods are an increasingly important part of any grocery store. Frugal and environmentally conscious customers see the value in buying bulk and would like their grocery stores to do the same. That doesn’t mean adding a bulk foods section should be difficult. DGS Retail offers complete bulk foods displays at wholesale prices. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can use in many situations. We include the shelving unit, dry food dispensers and more to get you started.

    Display Racks Built on Solid Gondola Shelving

    This unit is an eight-food-wide bulk food display that functions best against the wall. It uses standard gondola shelving components, making it easy to add to any section, or function as a standalone unit. To store the foods, you will have 50 bins, including 18 3.3-gallon gravity dispensers and 32 scoop bins in 4.5-gallon and 7-gallon capacities. The bins are all made by Trade Fixtures and are made with highly durable BPA-free polycarbonate. In addition, they’re NSF-certified for food hygiene, and are simple to clean, since they’re dishwasher safe up to 130° F. They also come with such features as flow control for the gravity bins and tethers for the scoop bins.

    Alongside the shelving and bins, this bulk food display has a weighing scale for customers to use. By making it easy to determine how much dry foods you want, you encourage customers to purchase more.

    Add Flour and Cereal with Dry Foods Dispensers

    You have more flexibility with this eight-foot-wide bulk food display, either to start a bulk foods section or add to current aisle. As a starting point, you can a wide variety of grains and flour to your dry foods section. Scoop bins work really well with dense flour. Gravity bins are ideal for items such as rice and pasta. You can also use the latter for breakfast cereals as well. There are many possibilities with this display.