DGS Retail Store Supplies


A space. Because really.

  • Start a bulk foods section today with a complete display.
  • Includes 82 NSF-certified Trade Fixtures dispensers, including a variety of scoop & gravity bins.
  • Weighing scale included for customer use.
  • Includes 144W x 84H black gondola shelving.

Price: $12,800.00

    Create A Complete Dry Foods Section with Bulk Food Displays

    Grocery stores stand to benefit from offering bulk foods for many reasons, from increased profit margins to demonstrating environmental awareness. Building a section dedicated to dry foods, candy or snacks can ultimately be rewarding in the long term. Thankfully, DGS Retail takes away the hassle with complete bulk foods displays at prices that won’t hurt your budget. They come in a selection of configurations to cover all your needs. We include display shelving and bins to get you started, as well as other accessories.

    Quality Gondola Shelving Holding Durable Dry Food Dispensers

    The bulk food display shown covers 12 feet of wall space. It’s easy to add to any aisle or wall section, given it uses black metal gondola shelving as its frame. The kit also functions as a freestanding unit. It includes bulk bins from Trade Fixtures, which are built to last for years thanks to a BPA-free polycarbonate construction. You’ll get 27 3.3-gallon gravity dispensers with flow control, 36 4.5-gallon scoop bins and 12 7-gallon scoop bins that come with front facades and tethers for the scoops.

    This display also comes with a weighable scale for customers to use.

    Add Bulk Foods With Ease

    At 12 feet wide, this bulk food display functions as its own section. You have 75 bins at your disposal, which offers a lot of opportunity for different products. For example, you can have one part of your gravity bins dedicated to breakfast cereals, a segment for coffee beans, and the rest for rice and pasta. The scoop bins could be used for flour underneath the grains, a spot for spices, and nuts and beans in one area. You have room for more stuff, too, such as candy, dry dog food, and even spices. The possibilities are many.