DGS Retail Store Supplies


A space. Because really.

  • Complete bulk foods solution suited for end caps.
  • Includes 14 BPA-free Trade Fixtures bulk bins with 2-year warranty.
  • Comes with bin mounts, shelving, a cup holder and crumb tray.
  • Free custom sign design with your purchase. See details below!

Price: $2,600.00

    Create a Bulk Foods Destination with a Custom End Cap Display

    There are different ways of attracting customers to buy more. Bulk foods is one way: It encourages consumer to spend more by getting necessities for what they think is cheaper. They also like the lack of polluting packaging that goes with it. DGS Retail understands this, which is why we offer a wide variety of custom-designed bulk food displays that fit in a large number of settings, from aisle spaces to end caps. They come with all the equipment you need to get started on your dry foods journey, from bins and shelving to cup holders and signage.

    Quality Gondola Shelving + Trade Fixtures Bins = A Successful Combo

    This particular bulk food display is designed for use on end caps, whether as a standalone unit or attach to the end of an aisle or island. It comes with black metal gondola shelving that serves as its foundation and will last you years. It also has 8 3.5-gallon gravity dispensers and 6 4.5-gallon scoop bins from Trade Fixtures, a leading bulk foods brand. The bins are made with BPA-free polycarbonate, have an NSF certification in food safety and hygiene, and come with a two-year warranty. In addition to this, the kit comes with accessories such as cup holders, a crumb bin to mitigate messes and waste, and mounts to secure the gravity bins. This solution also provides you enough space to put other products on display, minimizing the impact of its addition on the rest of the store’s configuration.

    Free Custom Sign Design with Your Order

    With this bulk food display comes a chalkboard header sign that you can use to create stylish promotions. Below is custom digitally printed signage DGS Retail offers free of charge. After you place your order, we’ll have a Sign Specialist contact you to discuss details on how you want the sign to look, with no detail left untouched. After we confirm the design, we’ll send you a final color proof for your approval before we print the sign.