DGS Retail Store Supplies


A space. Because really.

  • A complete bulk food display you can add to any aisle.
  • Includes 36 NSF-certified Trade Fixtures gravity and scoop bins.
  • BPA-free bins have NSF certification and a 2-year warranty.
  • Display comes with free custom sign and header design! Details below.

Price: $5,550.00

    Complete Your Grocery Store with a Bulk Food Display

    Bulk food sections are now a must for any grocery store. They provide you with better profit margins, while giving the customer savings and an incentive to buy more. You also help the environment with reduced waste. But it can be a little tricky to add to an existing store. Thankfully, DGS Retail cuts out the design work with complete bulk food displays. The kits have everything you need, from shelving to bins, to easily add dry foods in bulk anywhere in your store.

    Displays with Bulk Bins from Trade Fixtures

    This is a complete kit for an 8-foot-wide bulk food display that can function as part of an aisle display or as a freestanding unit. The kit includes 16 3.5-gallon gravity dispensers, 12 4.5-gallon scoop bins and 8 7-gallon scoop bins, all by Trade Fixtures. The bins are dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and have an NSF certification in food safety and hygiene. With these bulk bins, you’ll have a gravity bin mount, a specially made crumb tray that is easy to clean and a scoop hanger. All of this is placed on solid metal gondola shelving that is sturdy and long lasting. It also provides space to include other products, minimizing the impact adding bulk foods have on shelf space.

    Free Custom Signage Design

    The bulk food display comes with digitally printed headers and splash signage that DGS Retail can custom design for you free of charge. Just complete your order, and a Sign Specialist from our team will contact you to find out what graphics you want. Once we confirm the look, you’ll receive a final color proof to approve before we digitally print the signage.