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A space. Because really.

  • Magnetic Sign Holder is a clever way to add posters and banners to your store suspended from the drop ceiling tile grid.
  • Hang the signs with a telescoping pole - no ladder required! Super easy and fast!
  • Holds 26" or 36"W posters and almost any length.
  • Hanging sign hardware accessories like clips, long clear hooks, & ratchet rivets available for different looks.
  • Graphic banners and telescoping pole sold separately
  • Holds graphic substrates up to .125"

Price: $11.97
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    Magnetic Hanging Banner Telescoping Mounting Pole
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $49.66
    Gripper Rail For Poster Bottom - Clear
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $2.17
    P7495 Ceiling Sign Hanging Hardware, Ladderless System, Single Hook, Clear
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $0.29
    Hanging Banner Ladder-Less Ratchet Rivet Set of 4
    In Stock 1 $0.48
    P7491 Ceiling Sign Hanging Hardware, Ladderless System, Steel Mounting Plate
    In Stock 1 $1.43
    Sign Hangers Hardware - Steel Clip 5/8"
    How Many?:
    In Stock 1 $0.22

    P7501 - Magnetic Sign Hanging Kit for Suspended Ceiling Grids - No Ladder Required!

    Do you have sale signs, banners or posters that you want to hang from the ceiling? Check out this clever magnetic sign hanging kit from DGS Retail! Supplying the retail signage industry since 1979 we've heard from many retailers how difficult it is to hang signs from the ceiling grid. Our studies have shown that the average consumer references in store signage over 2 dozen times per shopping trip. And that's usually in the first 10 minutes! Ceiling suspended signs use up free space and are highly visible from a distance. So what better place is there to install magnetic sign holders? As good as it sounds, up until now it was difficult to hang banners from the acoustical tile drop ceiling grid. In the past you would need a ladder and a good employee workers comp insurance policy to do it. Moving heavy ladders around and having the potential liability of an injured worker who fell made hanging signs from the ceiling a dangerous chore.

    DGS Retail's magnetic banner hanging sign holder changed all that. This sign hanger hardware system is specifically designed for public spaces and for signs that change frequently. Want to add attractive hanging banners to dress up your store? Show customers your large banner messages and move them around the store with ease using this clever ladder-less banner hanging system! This unique patent pending design allows your store associates to simply hang and re-position banners without having to use a dangerous ladder to do it. No more waiting until after business hours or worrying about injuries to your employees just to hang a sign. Simply grip the banner hanger with our 10’ telescoping mounting pole and position the banner holder on the ceiling grid where you want it. Our super strong magnets hold it in place until you’re ready to change the message. Our Magnetic Banner Hanger can be twisted 360 degrees to position the banner at any angle desired for optimum viewing. Offered in two sizes - 26" & 36" widths. Banner graphic, hanging clips, hooks, and plastic ratchet rivets are optional and sold separately. Optional Gripper Stiffener Rail for securing bottom of poster and telescoping mounting poles are also sold separately.

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    This saved so much time! I used to have to move a ladder everywhere!