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A space. Because really.

- Hang posters, banners or signs from drop ceiling grids!

- Economical sign hanging hardware for sale as kit:

  • Top & bottom plastic gripper rails snaps onto poster
  • Clear plastic hang clips on top rail

- Available in 24", 36", or 48" widths

- Holds up to .040” thick banner material

- Ceiling grid clips and hook connectors sold separately

What Size?:

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Price: $2.95
    Image Item # Description Options Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Hanging Banner Telescoping Installation Pole
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $39.50
    P7514 Hanging Sign Hardware, Cable Sets, Adjustable Length
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $7.97
    Sign Hangers Hardware - Thin Aircraft Cable Assemblies - Looped Both Ends
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $2.59
    P7492 Sign Hanging Hardware, Metal Double C Hooks, Silver Finish, 50 Pack
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $5.00
    P7493 Sign Hanging Hardware, Metal S Hooks, Silver Finish
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $0.07
    P7494 Sign Hanging Hardware, Plastic Double C Hook, Clear
    What Size?:
    In Stock 1 $7.00
    P7510 White Suspended Ceiling Hooks for Signs, Twist-on, Loop
    In Stock 1 $0.99
    P7511 Clear Suspended Ceiling Hooks for Signs, Twist-on, Loop
    In Stock 1 $0.99
    P7522 Acoustical Ceiling Tile Hook, Twist-on, White Plastic
    In Stock 1 $0.99
    P7509 Strong Steel, Drop Ceiling Hook for Hanging Signs
    How Many?:
    In Stock 1 $1.89
    P7512 Metal Drop Ceiling Hooks for Retail, White, 2 Pack
    In Stock 1 $1.99

    P7502 Suspended Ceiling Hanging Sign Holder, Poster Gripper Rails

    Ideas for Hanging Posters

    Hang up Posters without Damaging Them

    Need to display posters, charts, retail signs or banners that change frequently? Want to add attractive signage to your store, business or classroom easily and economically? Check out this great suspended ceiling sign holder from DGS Retail! This Poster Gripper Rail sign hanging system is designed to quickly and easily attach a banner, poster or signs by opening and closing it’s unique “snap” frame onto the banner. The printed poster or banner is held securely in place by soft rubbery gripper fingers that hold the banner tight. The gripper rail is a 3/4” tall “U” shaped design constructed out of durable clear plastic vinyl. Use this product for an easy way to hang posters up without damaging them. This hanging sign hardware is used at retail, in offices or in the classroom. Use it to display charts from the drop ceiling grids in schools.

    Holds up to .040” thick banner material. Available in three different width kits. Top & bottom gripper rails and top hanger clips are included in kit. Banner may be hung or repositioned safely from the ground with our Hanging Banner Telescoping Installation Pole (sold separately). No need for a dangerous ladder! Our telescoping pole allows you to install our plastic ceiling grid clips with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Printed banners, ceiling grid clips, and hook connectors are also sold separately. Order today!