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  • Use with our Ladder-Less Magnetic Hanging Banners to make installs safer than ever!
  • Available in 10' or 18' lengths.
  • Constructed out of durable lightweight aluminum with a spring-hinged gripper and a rope-activated gripper.
  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground - no more accidents or injuries from using ladders to install signs!

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Price: $49.66

    P7507 - Telescoping Pole with Spring Gripper - For Attaching Magnetic Hanging Sign Holders to Ceiling Grids

    Add retail signage to your store environment thats extremely noticeable from a distance and will let everybody know what your store's promotions are. Use DGS Retail's line of magnetic hanging sign hardware that allows you to easily add store display signs and hanging banners from your store's ceiling grid or acoustical tile grid. Our magnetic hanging banner hardware kit has all the necessary components to add beautiful hanging signs throughout your store or any room with a drop ceiling grid. Once you have the hanging sign hardware you'll need a telescoping pole to be able to position the hanging sign onto the grid without the need of a ladder! You'll save time and protect your employees from potential injuries from falls if they can hang the signs from the safety of the store floor with this clever pole. Choose from two available lengths or heights of pole - our lightweight aluminum mounting pole telescopes to a total length of either 10’ or 18'. When used from the floor this allows easy access to 15’ or 23' ceilings for most average height people. Featuring a spring banner hanger gripper and a yellow rope to activate the gripper, this item is invaluable for ensuring employee safety when installing and changing out hanging banner signs. No more injuries or accidents - keep your workplace a safe environment and make signage updates quick and easy!