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  • Hang or re-position your banners safely from the ground with no need for a dangerous ladder!
  • Our telescoping pole allows you to install ceiling grid clips with both feet safely on the ground.
  • Constructed of lightweight yet durable aluminum.
  • Offered in 10' or 18' lengths.
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Price: $39.50

    P7508 - Pole for Installing Hanging Sign Hardware on Ceiling Grids

    Design a store to remember with custom printed hanging signs and hanging banners that are easily repositioned on your drop ceiling grid. DGS Retail has magnetic hanging sign hardware kits and ceiling grid clips that are utilized by retailers to suspend signs from acoustical ceiling grids. These are fantastic for advertising your sales and promotions or even to let your shoppers know where the various departments are located in your retail environment.

    Now you can hang or remove your banner signs and ceiling grid clips safely from the ground with no need for a dangerous ladder! Our telescoping installation pole allows you to install hanging banners as well as our plastic and metal ceiling grid clips with both feet planted safely on the ground. The hanging sign installation mounting pole is offered in 10' or 18' lengths - allowing for reaching up to 15' or 23' ceilings based upon employees' of average height right from the store floor. The install telescoping pole is made from lightweight aluminum and is super easy to use. It features a 2" red plastic socket end and clear satin anodized finish with black hand grip. The socket will fit most ceiling grid clips and hold them securely while putting them up. Easy to use twist-lock feature makes telescoping the pole easy. Simply place a hanging sign clip into the socket and raise it up to the drop ceiling grid. Twist it into place and hang your retail signage! Custom printing available. Call for details.