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  • Thin stainless steel cable set, hang signs from ceiling hooks.
  • Adjust the height of hanging signs and banners without any tools.
  • Each kit contains 1 looped cable and 1 self lock adjuster.
  • 1/16” diameter cable.
  • Kits available with 5', 10', 20' or 30' cable length.
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Price: $7.97

    Cable Sign and Wire Hanging Systems

    Securely hang signs, banners and displays from exposed ceiling joists, drop ceiling grids or other architectural structures with this heavy duty airplane cable sign hanging set. Fast and easy way to hang and adjust the heights of hanging sign banners without tools. Used to suspend warehouse aisle signs, retail signage and signs at businesses, schools and trade shows. Also used to hang 3D displays in store environments. Ideal for high traffic areas and other interior areas susceptible to wind from open store doors or loading docks. Super thin and super strong. DGS Retail has been supplying hardware for sign hangers since 1979.

    Sign Hanging System Details

    Features 1/16" diameter steel cable. Each kit contains 1 cable and 1 locking height adjuster. Kits available with various lengths including: 5', 10', 20' or 30' lengths. This cable with self lock adjusters has 1 looped cable end and one adjustable end so you can adjust the height of the hanging sign or banner. The cable set is designed to be used with the drop ceiling hooks, suspended ceiling hooks and ceiling hooks that are sold separately.

    Sometimes called airplane cable you'll be sure to find many uses for this clever sign hanging hardware solution. Commonly used to hang aisle signs, directories, on sale signage and other promotional signs in retail environments like restaurants, grocery stores, dollar stores and retail bank branches.