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  • Heavy duty magnet sign clip - ideal for signing most warehouse rack uprights, gondola shelving or cooler cases.
  • Integrated with super-strong ceramic magnets encased in steel
  • Molded-in Power Grip sign hinge flexes when hit.
  • Includes Power Grip Strip that securely holds signs
  • Offered in two grip capacities - .100" and .250" - for different thickness printed signs.
  • Overall size 3/4” x 3” long.
  • Sold in 10, 20, 50 and 100 packs. Printed signs sold separately.
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Price: $2.29

    P8408 - Heavy Duty Magnetic Sign Holder Clip - Ceramic Magnets - Gripper Displays Small Signs Securely - 3"L

    Magnetic Sign Holders Securely Grip Small Signs

    Add Aisle Signs to Warehouse Racking

    This magnetic aisle sign holder is ideal for adding warehouse aisle signs to warehouse rack uprights, advertisements and promotional messages to gondola store shelving or on sale signs to cooler or freezer cases. Used in warehouse and factory settings for aisle signs or location signs on pallet racks. Strong magnets adhere to steel surfaces. Magnets are integrated into a plastic gripper sign clip. The gripper securely holds printed signs.

    Also Used as Retail Sign Holder

    Works as Gondola Signage Holder

    Gripper Sign Holder

    Use this sign holder on gondola shelving at grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores or anywhere that you need a sign and have a steel surface to display it on! Gripper sign holder is integrated with super-strong magnets for multiple uses. Mounts to any flat steel surface and makes a great aisle violator sign or shelf talker. Vinyl hinge is flexible so sign flexes when hit and bounces right back. Offered in two grip capacities - less than .100" or .100" - .250". Overall size is 3/4” x 3” long. (Also available in a mini 1" version.) Graphics sold separately. We have many other types of gripper sign holders available as well - for mounting to gondola shelving - top or bottom, warehouse racks, wire shelving, gondola end caps, you name it, we have it!