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A space. Because really.

  • Add sign holders, signs and displays to warehouse rack uprights and cross beams.
  • Great self drilling and self tapping metal screws screw directly into rack.
  • Use for mounting c-channels and other sign holders to warehouse beams.
  • Sold in packs of 10, 20, 50 or 100 packs - Includes washers.
  • Size: 1/4-14 x 1L.
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    Retail Sign Holder Hardware

    Add sign holders directly and permanently to your warehouse rack uprights or to pallet rack shelves or beams with this handy screw. Specially designed to be self drilling it has drill bit flutes on it's tip to cut into the metal of the racking. Like "cutting thru butter" this screw will quickly drill through the metal upright or cross beam and then the self tapping feature takes over. The screw will cut it's own threads as it spins thru the metal. The screw has a 3/8" hex head so you can use a cordless drill to attach it to the pallet racking.

    The screw also includes a thick washer and grommet for a completely secure hold. Commonly used for hard mounting c-channels and other sign holders directly and securely to warehouse beams. Use it to permanently attach warehouse rack aisle violators, sign channels, special order books and header signs. Also used to attach warehouse aisle signs and aisle sign holders.