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DGS Retail – North America's Source for Retail Store Supplies, Interior Design, In Store Signs and Store Fixtures


Since 1979 DGS Retail supplys the grocery, restaurant, liquor and food service industries. We provide design and manufacturing of award-winning visual merchandising and store fixtures. DGS Retail has factories and distribution centers throughout North America. Our ongoing mission is to provide retailers and brand managers with the hottest trends and the most successful concepts. We specialize in retail interior design, signage and store displays. DGS Retail supplies shop designers everything from complete retail design solutions down to signs. From fixtures, bags holders and point-of-purchase displays to retail design solutions in every form imaginable.


Professional store designers, store managers and owners agree that a well thought out store interior design layout will increase your sales. At DGS Retail we are focused on developing the right interior design solutions that are appropriate for your individual store and the community it serves. We have retail business tips for managers that are planning on opening a shop or opening a grocery store. We are committed to providing you the highest quality retail signage and store fixtures at a low price. DGS Retail supplies design ideas and solutions to help control building capital construction costs. We assist those whose office job it is to reduce related capital expenditures. DGS services offices are set up to help control costs on everything from slatwall to gondola accessories to all shop signs.


We understand that managing a retail business or starting a retail store involves controlling costs. This is as important as creating the ideal retail environment for you customers. DGS Retail supplies independent owner operators as well as nationwide chains with the same dedication and retail design expertise. We offer unique display ideas and price breaks on bulk quantities of point of sale fixtures and store decor. Let us help you increase your same store sales and your shopper's satisfaction. We do this through supplying the best in retail merchandising, visual merchandising and food displays. Whether you have a store plan or are looking for interior design assistance were here to help you succeed. Our menu of products and expert services are:


Store Decor and Restaurant Decorations


Retail signage displays was the first category of store supplies that Don Graves Signs (DGS) started assisting storeowners with back in 1979. Our studies have shown that the average shopper looks at retail signage over 50 times per store visit and in as little as 10 minutes. Retail signage is an important tool to help customers navigate your store. It also serves as a silent salesperson that can generate impulse sales, up sell customers or allow for product comparisons. DGS Retail provides custom printed signs that can be ordered online. Our line of products in this area includes retail aisle signs, grocery store signs, supermarket signs and liquor store signs.  We also supply bakery signs, produce signs, restaurant signs and coffee shop designs. For grocery stores there is a complete line of corrugated metal signs and vintage produce signs. Aisle sign holders can add way-finding signage direct to store shelving, gondolas and end cap displays.


Custom Store Fixtures and Restaurant Furniture


With in-house capabilities in metal, wood and plastic point of purchase displays DGS Retail can supply custom display fixtures. We offer creatively designed grocery store displays, bakery display shelves and all manner of other food merchandising displays. Check out our produce tables and produce racks for an economical and well-designed method to display fruits and vegetables. There is an assortment of wood gondola shelving and wooden produce bins too. We can coordinate our produce displays with our produce merchandising signage for a complete look. For coffee shops, restaurants and convenience stores DGS Retail supplies custom counters, cash wraps and furniture. DGS Retail is your source for store fixtures.


Liquor Store Shelving and Signs


Opening a liquor store or a package store is a special opportunity. As a subset of the food service industry the liquor business has unique challenges. To help with these challenges DGS Retail has a complete line of liquor store shelving, black gondola and commercial wine racks. There are a variety of gondola units and retail shelving offered for all budgets. We also offer complete liquor store interior design services and in store signage solutions.  We can provide a liquor store layout or a wine store interior design.


Retail Sign Holders


In addition to designing and manufacturing store decor DGS Retail has an extensive line of retail sign holders. These are generally used throughout the store directly on fixtures and displays. We offer tabletop sign holders and countertop signs for deli interior design. Gondola shelving headers and toppers are a great way to add inexpensive point of sale signage in the center store. Aisle violators and plastic shelf label holders are used to create stunning inline gondola displays in grocery stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. Magnetic sign holders are a useful method to show advertising on metal store fixtures and shelving.


Warehouse Aisle Signs


Aisle signs are not just used in retail establishments. They are also used to a considerable degree at warehouses and factories. DGS Retail manufactures warehouse aisle signs and location signage that are used on pallet racks and warehouse racking. Our warehouse sign holders have been put to the test. They are used in heavy traffic and are designed to take a hit and bounce back. These types of sign holders are also utilized in major home center chains on their racking. A complete line of plastic C channels sign holders is designed to work as header displays at these stores.


Hanging Signs and Hanging Sign Hardware

Effective communication in retail often requires hanging signage from a ceiling. DGS Retail has a wide selection of custom hanging signs and banners. We also provide hanging sign hardware and brackets that include ceiling clips for hanging ceiling signs. Additonally they are used on banner signs and suspended sale signs. These are sometimes called drop ceiling hooks and airplane cable sets.


Golf Club Racks and Golf Club Displays


Golf is a $24 billion dollar industry and DGS Retail is a staunch golf industry supporter. We supply unique and patented golf club displays and club holders that are used to merchandise golf clubs worldwide. There is also a line of golf apparel displays and slat wall displays. Our golf club racks display both left and right-handed clubs and take up a minimal amount of space.


Retail Interior Design Services


We specialize in food service and hospitality design. DGS Retail has retail architects and store designers that have a lot of experience in grocery store design, restaurant layout and fast food restaurant design. There are many subsets of these including liquor store design, bakery design, coffee shop design and cafe or fast casual interior design. Our services in this area are based on years of experience in the industry combined with cutting edge hot designs that will leave a memorable impression on your customers.

DGS Retail is one of the top store interior design firms and retail environment manufacturers in North America. We are always looking to add to our our group of dedicated professionals in every department and divison. We have facilities in multiple states and different fast track programs depending on your expertise. Contact DGS for career opportunities in areas as diverse as property development, industrial design, engineering and general services. See our contact page for services contact and information on career opportunities.

Retail merchandising signs and retail layouts are our speciality. We offer complete store interior design and layout services. Take a look at our case studies to see some of the companies and the market we serve. It's also where we post the latest news, downloads and apps. Call us today and put our store layout and design firm expertise to work for you.

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