Wood Pegboard Gondola Shelving Starter And Add-on

Real Wood Pegboard Gondola Shelving Units

Introducing real wood pegboard gondola shelving displays by Lozier. These units can be bought in starter and add-on versions to build any length retail aisle. They feature heavy duty Lozier steel gondola shelving construction that's combined with wooden pegboard panels made with an MDF substrate and a real birch veneer on top. The birch can be stained in a wide variety of premium woodstain colors so you can achieve the vintage, rustic store design look you've planned. This is commercial grade wooden pegboard store fixtures that can be used with almost any standard peghook or pegboard accessory. This product is ideal for higher end retail establishments that are looking to stand out from the crowd. It can be combined with gondola shelves for maximum store fixture planogram flexibility. Use shelves on the bottom and add items displayed on peghook towards the top of the fixtures. Ideal for creating merchandising displays at convenience stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, gift shops and more.