About Us


how did we get here

DGS Retail was founded near Boston in 1979 originally as Don Graves Signs and was focused on supplying signage to the local retail industry. While our range of products and services have grown tremendously since then, our mission has remained the same: inspiring shoppers with practical innovation.

Since the beginning, DGS Retail has remained a highly entrepreneurial, fast paced organization that has tenured relationships in the grocery, retail, brand and food service industries. Our company has grown through strategic acquisitions to better position itself as a total solutions partner for our customers and we have grown from our New England roots to now supplying customers worldwide.

We operate under four US based manufacturing locations and distribution centers as well as sourcing offices in Asia that oversee our global production partners to our high quality control and engineering standards. Over the years, we’ve remained privately held, with a strong balance sheet, enabling us to cater to our client's needs first.

Our Team

DGS Retail is comprised of over 1000 dedicated individuals committed to delivering excellence every day. Our team of designers, engineers, installment professionals, project managers and fulfillment specialists work collectively to create signature décor, displays and store equipment that customers won’t forget. Our senior leadership team is heavily involved in all aspects of the business, we ensure every DGS Retail customer receives the personal attention they deserve. Our team is:

• Visible to all of our clients     • Strategic in direction      • Practical in execution      • Committed to innovation and technology

• Ethical in its approach to people, the environment and the corporate footprint




DGS Retail retail creates and captures new retail visions and identifies best practices that increase the retail sales of our customers. Through constant contact with our customers in the grocery, restaurant, convenience and specialty retail industries we are always adding to our knowledge base of our customers businesses. By identification of new shopping trends and understanding demographic directions we can bring the best retail design ideas to work for them.



Having best-class facilities & equipment is part of delivering a custom solution to market fast. With both internal manufacturing and joint venture global sourcing, we can offer our customers a predictably reliable source for their retail display, store equipment and signage needs at the best value.  


Innovation and speed are delivered with the best in customer service and in-depth knowledge of the marketplaces that our customers operate in. Our customer relationships are built on understanding what issues are driving their businesses and our ability to bring adaptive and predictive solutions that gainfully impact them.


At DGS Retail, we offer merchandising and design ideas that will improve the opinions and views of shoppers, diners and the public about the retailers and restaurants they visit. This is the ultimate goal that we strive for. We inspire shoppers with practical innovation that allows for educated and informed decisions at the point of purchase, we convey to them the unique value of our retailer-customers and we enhance the shopping or dining experience so they come back again and again.

Our Commitment

We think alternatively about our approach and behave responsibly towards the environment by providing eco-friendly alternative material options when feasible, and have expertise in LEED certified programs.

We see our role as a partner with you, our employees and our children. We use water based paints, eco-friendly inks and reclaimed wood products. Our wood based materials are 100% CARB certified and sourced from sustainable forests. We have eliminated harmful lead content from nearly 100% of our raw materials as well as reducing our landfill volume by 70% in addition to reducing energy consumption by installing motion sensor lighting in all of our facilities. Globally, our joint-venture manufacturing partners in Asia are committed to responsible ethical supply-chain sourcing. We believe in upholding transparent practices in environmental impact, social impact and business management practices.

Our four US based manufacturing facilities provide employment to hundreds of local families. We proudly support each of those local economies and communities as much as possible, selecting vendor partners and sourcing materials within close proximity to each facility to help reduce our carbon footprint and to foster shared beneficial economic growth.

To Our Neighbors: Locally, Nationally & Globally:


DGS understands it has a role to play in its local markets and as a Global citizen. We are committed to behaving in socially and environmentally responsible manner. We have an obligation to our investors to provide a fair return, but profit will never be our one and only priority. Furthermore, DGS Believes in:

Sustainability as a core tenant of our overall strategy

Ethical Trading, through audits and inspections of Int’l partners

Giving Back through charitable contributions and good deeds

Following the Rules, compliance with all gov’t rules and regulations



DGS prides itself on our quality, service and practical innovations that inspire shoppers and saves money for our customers. We are committed to doing this in a way where we take seriously our role in providing for the constituencies we serve, including:


·Providing safe, healthy and financially rewarding jobs for our employees free of discrimination and harassment.

·Taking actions to being a positive neighbor in the communities where we operate.

·Being a responsible steward of the environment throughout our operations & supply chain.

·Enforcing fair and ethical trading practices with a focus on partnering with and supporting local vendors.