Platinum Mobile Gondola Shelving Starter & Add-on

Showcase More with Platinum High-Capacity Rolling Gondola Shelving

Introducing our Platinum High-Capacity Rolling Gondola Shelving, complemented by matching tempered pegboard. Known for its strength and elegance, this shelving solution, also referred to as wheeled gondola shelving, is designed for retailers who demand both aesthetic appeal and exceptional load-bearing capabilities.

Exceptional Quality and Strength:

Crafted with Lozier's hallmark precision and durability, our Platinum Rolling Gondola Shelving is engineered to support significantly more weight than standard retail fixtures. This makes it an ideal choice for displaying heavier merchandise such as wine bottles, liquor bottles, and specialty foods in jars.

Unmatched Features for Maximum Utility:

  • Versatile Store Designs: Available in various sizes and configurations, these units provide the flexibility to create custom layouts, optimizing your retail space for both beauty and functionality.

  • Elegant Platinum Finish: The sophisticated off-white or beige finish enhances the ambiance of any retail setting, providing a neutral backdrop that highlights the quality of your merchandise.

  • High Weight Capacity: Engineered to outperform many competitive units, the high weight capacity of our shelving allows for the safe display of heavier items, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

  • Convenient Pegboard Backing: The matching platinum pegboards offer additional display versatility, perfect for hanging items or promotional materials, thus maximizing your usable display area.

  • Easy Mobility for Dynamic Retailing: These shelves, also known as Wheeled Gondola Shelving, feature sturdy casters that allow for effortless reconfiguration of your store layout, ideal for seasonal updates or promotional events.

  • Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance: The ability to move these heavy-duty units with ease not only aids in store layout flexibility but also simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring a consistently clean and inviting shopping environment.

  • Simple Assembly: Reflecting Lozier's commitment to convenience, these shelving units are designed for quick and easy assembly, enabling you to get your store operational with minimal downtime.

Adaptable Across Various Retail Environments:

Whether showcasing fine wines in a boutique, premium liquors in a convenience store, or artisanal foods in a gourmet supermarket, the Platinum High-Capacity Rolling Gondola Shelving stands out as the premier choice. Its robust construction, coupled with a refined aesthetic, makes it a valuable asset in enhancing product presentation and store design.

Elevate Your Display with Confidence:

Opt for our Platinum High-Capacity Rolling Gondola Shelving to leverage the dual benefits of exceptional load-bearing capacity and elegant design in your retail space. Transform your product displays into captivating showcases that not only attract customers but also confidently support your heaviest merchandise with style and ease.