Gondola Header & Topper Sign Holders

Gondola Header and Topper Sign Holders

Add retail sale signs, pricing signs and branded advertising onto gondola shelving units and retail end cap displays to increase impulse sales. Gondola header sign holders, topper sign holders and retail end cap display signs are effective tools to help gain shopper's attention while they walk the store. These retail sign holders function as way-finding signs to guide consumers to desired product categories or store aisles. They also can be used to let consumers know of retail sales, specific product pricing or special promotions.

Gondola signage ideas are often used to convey to shoppers product feature and benefit information so they can successfully comparatively shop between multiple products. Gondola sign holders can be placed on top of the store fixtures for easy viewing or on the shelf edge. Printed signs are generally inserted into the sign holders and are changed frequently based on seasonal promotions or changes to the products being displayed on the shelves.

Smart retailers and visual merchandisers know that showing product information and pricing at the point-of-purchase helps to increase sales of those items compared to displays without signs. DGS Retail is a retail sign holder manufacturer and we supply a variety of sign holders that are designed to be used on gondola shelving or retail shelving fixtures.

What is a Gondola Top Sign Holder?

The gondola top sign holders generally refer to the retail sign holders that mount direct to the gondola shelving unit back panels or to the gondola pegboard panels. Usually they are placed either right above the back panel, extending upwards from the top cap of the gondola, or directly onto the pegboard panel face. These sign placements are effective on gondolas that are 72" high or lower. This is because, ideally, you want the retail signage to be at eye-level for easy reading by consumers. DGS Retail offers sign frames and holders that mount to the top of gondola shelving back panels or sign holders that project off the slotted gondola shelving uprights.

What is a Gondola Header Sign Holder?

Gondola header sign holders are retail sign holders or frames that are positioned at the top of gondola shelving units in store aisles. They are displayed extending upwards from the top cross-rail of the retail shelving fixture. They can also be placed so they extend outwards, or float, in front of the gondola. This is usually done with projection brackets that connect the sign holders to either the slotted gondola uprights or to a shelf edge that placed high up on a tall gondola. The difference between gondola topper sign holders and gondola header sign holders is that the header signs are usually placed up high on tall gondola that more than 72" high so they can be above eye level. The benefit is that this type of high retail sign placement allows for more space to display product below it.

What are Retail End Cap Display Signs?

Retail end cap display signs are generally retail sign holders that are attached to a gondola shelving unit on the end of a store aisle. The end cap displays usually are the bookends to a long store aisle at a grocery store or supermarket. These can be some of the most profitable areas of the store because they are very noticeable to shoppers as they walk around the perimeter or racetrack of the store.

Gondola end cap signs can be attached to the tops of the end cap, along the sides or side-caps and on the shelf edges. The sign holders allow for easy replacement and changing of the printed signs as the seasonal promotions or products being displayed change. Retail end cap signs can be header signs, topper signs, or pricing signs. DGS Retail offers all these types of retail sign holders including some designs with spiral pricing pads that are ideal for frequently changing promotions.