Lozier Gondola Shelving Base Parts

Lozier Gondola Shelving Base Parts & Decks For Sale At Wholesale Prices 

Lozier Gondola SD Deck Parts

Choose from 100% steel SD Decks in black and platinum finishes offered in a variety of different widths and depths. Standard decks are for island and wall displays and aisle runs. Price tag molding accommodates 1-1/4" high price tags and labels. SD Decks have 1/4" perforated holes for clip-on accessories and shelf management dividers and front fences. 

Lozier Gondola Mobile Base Decks 

Select from many different sizes of mobile gondola base decks that are engineered for the extra strength requirements needed for rolling gondola shelving units. 

Lozier Gondola Base Brackets 

The strength of Lozier gondola originates in our base bracket designs. These are the feet that clip into the uprights and hold the gondola unit up under heavy load conditions. The all steel base brackets includes leveling legs for uneven flooring and feature a 2" conduit hole for greater electrical access. Base brackets install straight into the uprights using an integral spring latch for quick assembly. 

Lozier Gondola Base End Trim Parts

These trim pieces are used to finish off a run. The base end trim pieces are utilized for both island and wall display units. Use them on the first and last gondola sections of your aisle. One pair is required to complete a wall run and two pairs are required to finish an island or double-sided unit. These parts clip right onto the base brackets.