Mobile Gondola

Mobile Gondola Shelving: A Great Addition to Any Retail Store

DGS Retail is a leading manufacturer and reseller of gondola shelving and shelving accessories. We see shelving as the backbone to any store layout, and being able to stay flexible in that layout is critical. That is why we offer a line of mobile gondola shelving kits, designed with casters or wheeled to move around the store. These gondolas with wheels add a layer of versatility that can be great for apparel and clothing stores, as well as wine, liquor, groceries or any number of other categories in a variety of retail stores. They allow you to create new interactions with customers and build a unique dynamic with them, making store trips exciting.

Flexible Store Layouts, Easy Clean Up

Mobile gondola shelving is great for its flexibility, and offers many practical uses. For example, the fact that you can move these racks makes it possible to have a dynamic floor layout that changes with sales and/or seasons. Many retail establishments use rolling gondolas to move impulse items with high turnovers next to where their customers congregate or line up. That can help engage customers more effectively, stimulating their interest. Similarly, it can help you rotate stock and reset merchandise with speed and ease.

One consistent feature of rolling gondolas is that you can easily move them with two people. Consequently, a complete store can be reset in a fraction of the time required for stores that have standard gondola. This helps to reduce costs in other areas as well, such as annual floor maintenance. They also help reduce labor associated with cleaning the store.

There are other benefits to consider with mobile gondola kits. You can make changes to your store on the fly, changing stock place to reflect customer patterns and other behaviors. This includes placing high value products in sight of the cashier to deter theft. Such versatility makes these shelving units a valuable and versatile addition to your store.

Create Mobile Retail Event, Seminar or Training Spaces

Gondolas with wheels can be used to corral off an area within the store to create temporary event, seminar or training spaces. These can be used for a variety of different purposes such as wine tastings, “how-to” seminars for new products or customer project areas. Wheeled store shelving saves labor in restocking too. Simply roll the gondolas together to restock or re-planogram them in one area instead of moving cases of products down your aisles.

Add Mobile End Cap Displays for Seasonal or Holiday Items

Retail shelving with casters is also an ideal way to add end caps that can be shuffled around to promote seasonal items or holiday specials. You can stock gardening items in the spring or Halloween candy in the fall, and easily wheel them out. Save labor, money and time with mobile gondolas from DGS Retail!