Retail Wall Display Systems

Retail Wall Displays

DGS Retail offers a wide selection of retail wall displays and shelving systems. We sell kits that enable you to add gondola shelving without needing a gondola unit. Merchandise impulse buys around the perimeter of your store, and maximize sales potential by creating specialized areas in your store with store display fixtures that mount on your walls. Save up on floor space and money with these eye-catching displays.

How Wall Display Shelving Works

Most of our wall display systems are modular kits designed to fit your needs. We have a variety of different styles to work with, from brick slatwall and metal gridwall to industrial pipe and rustic pipe. Our kits come with wall standards, which are uprights you can attach to your walls with the appropriate mounting hardware. From there, you can add different types of shelving, including Lozier gondola shelves, wood slatted shelves, and more. There also various accessories available to kit out the display, including hangrails, faceouts, garment racks, outriggers, and slatwall hooks. All of these can add more products to your display.

Who Benefits from Retail Wall Displays?

Almost any store benefits from using a wall display system from DGS Retail. One critical advantage is freeing up floor space from clutter. That can help with store layouts, and even cut down maintenance costs. C-Stores and liquor stores, among other shops that lack much square footage, will be happy with these displays. But even bigger retailers can use them to maximize overall space usage. Mixing the display shelving with accessories helps further optimize space, creating a layered look with high product capacity.

Retail wall displays also provide stores the ability to create a focal point in the store from which to merchandise impulse buys. Apparel and shoe stores can sell clothing at clearance prices to shoppers, for example. Gift shops for museums can showcase souvenirs for a prestige or new exhibit. Houseware stores can do seasonal sales ahead of important holidays so customers can buy the cookware they need for big meals.

Other Uses for Wall Display Systems

Because customers often look to the perimeter of stores first, retail wall displays can take advantage of the resulting heavy foot traffic to sell the right products to customers. It also helps retailers better showcase the look and feel of their stores, especially when using exposed brick walls. Combining these displays with matching floor fixtures presents the opportunities for branded store-within-a-store scenarios and pop-ups. These displays provide the maximum flexibility in space, look, and merchandising potential.