Gondola Shelves

Gondola Shelves

DGS Retail is a manufacturer that supplies gondola shelves factory direct at wholesale prices, allowing you to affordably replace or add shelves to your store aisles. We are also a wholesale distributor of Lozier shelves, available in a variety of colors shown here. On top of that, we distribute Madix shelving. Take a look at our selection, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Store Shelves for Your Needs

Gondola shelves are a key part of any retail design. They are, after all, where products go in each aisle. What stores need are durable shelving that last for years, and can handle any product arrangement, no matter the size or weight. They also want shelves that coordinate with the rest of the store, in terms of both design and type.

Below are the two types of gondola shelves we distribute wholesale.

Lozier Shelves

Lozier shelves are extremely popular, and it’s little wonder, given they’re the leading manufacturer in store fixtures in the U.S. They’re all-steel construction, built to last for years and years no matter what products retailers put on them. They work with matching Lozier gondola shelving units. We have them available in depths from 13 up to 34 inches.

  • Angle positions: Flat, 17-degree downward slope.
  • Weight bearing rating: 500# flat position, 250# downslope.
  • Load capacity: 500 lbs. flat position, 250 lbs. downslope, assuming even weight distribution.
  • ¼” perforations on the front for clip-on accessories.
  • Available in a variety of colors. Check out our color guide to learn more.

Madix Shelves

Shelves from Madix offer extensive versatility. With a steel-based construction, they provide significant resilience. They also provide more flexible arrangements with its three-position tilt-in system. Ideally suited for island displays, they work with matching Madix shelving units. If you’re interested in learning more about Madix shelves, contact us.

  • Angle positions: Flat, 15-degree downward slope, 30-degree downward slope.
  • Weight bearing rating: 500# in flat position, 250# in 15-degree downslope, 100# in 30-degree downslope.
  • Load capacity: 500 lbs. flat, 250 lbs. 15-degree downslope, 100 lbs. 30-degree downslope, assuming even weight distribution.

Custom Shelves

DGS Retail also provides a selection of customized shelving for retail needs. Grocery stores can take advantage of special wood-based shelving units that can be used to stock bread, pastries or other baked goods while providing that bakery look. We also have metal shelves with custom wood trims on the front, enabling a better design and feel for retail. Check out our wood trim guide to see all of our options!