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plastic gripper sign holder cooler doors
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Item #: P3648 3”L Gripper Sign Holder 9137809262 -

P3648 Plastic Gripper Sign Holders - Removable Adhesive - 3”L What Types of Sign Clips Work on Beverage Cooler Glass Doors?Cooler Door Glass Sign GrippersBeverage coolers and freezer case glass doors present an ideal opportunity to add retail signage, price tags and POP signs. However, most retail sign holders are not engineered to work on glass doors. Two in-store signage holders will work. Use either plastic suction cup sign holders or, more economical, use plastic gripper sign holders with...

small pop sign holder cooler doors
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Item #: P3649 1”L Gripper Sign Holder 9137809263 -

P3649 Plastic Gripper Sign Holders - Removable Adhesive - 1”L

magnetic sign holder retail
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P8635 Heavy Duty Magnetic Sign Holder with Plastic J Channel Gripper - 3”L Sign Holder with Magnetic BasePlastic Magnetic Sign HolderOur P8635 Magnetic Shelf Sign Holders are a simple and straightforward solution to the problem of signs for store shelves. Each example of the magnetic sign holders retail option consists of a powerful ceramic magnet in a nickel-plated metal base to provide reliable support. Built onto this base is an unobtrusive plastic J channel gripper that securely holds...

cooler shelf tag holder
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P8627 Cooler or Freezer - Clip On Wire Shelf Tag Holder - 1-¼”H x 2-¼”W Label Holder for Wire Freezer/Cooler ShelfCooler Shelf TagsLabel holders for wire cooler / freezer shelving allow for the display of retail shelf signage inside refrigerated display cases. Unlike other types of label holders, they are not impacted or affected by extreme cold, holding tickets securely while in use. Our shelf channel sign holder enables retailers to add price tags or point of sale advertising directly onto...

label holder for wire freezer/cooler shelf
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Item #: P8633 Econo Mag Sign Hldr 9137809243 -

P8633 - Economical Magnetic Sign Holder Retail - Flush Mount - 3”L Label Holder for Wire Freezer/Cooler ShelfMagnetic Gripper Flush Sign Holder Hold your signage securely with the unique magnetic grip technology of this low-cost magnetic sign. Your signs are held flush on steel gondola shelving, wire cooler shelves and refrigerated displays. The plastic "J" gripper is made with small, soft rubber "fins" that hold your signage secure without ripping or tearing the sign when you change it. With...

small magnetic sign holder retail
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Item #: P8636 Small Mag. Grip SH 9137809246 -

P8636 - Small Magnetic Sign Holder Retail - Heavy Duty Gripper 1”W Magnetic Price Tag Holder Cooler Shelf TagsAdd promotional or directional signs with this heavy-duty ceramic magnet small sign holder that lets you display signage while ensuring maximum customer visibility. Its nickel plated steel magnetic base attaches quickly on most metal surfaces providing a secure grip. Your signs will stay put even in high-traffic retail environments that have a lot going on such as near checkout areas...

label holder for wire freezer/cooler shelf
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P3641 Plastic Label Holder for Cooler/Freezer Shelving - 1-1/4”H x 29-1/2”W Freezer Shelf Tag HoldersClear Plastic Label HoldersAdd beer cooler price tags or advertisements to your refrigerated beverage cases or freezer display cases with this Plastic Label Holder for Cooler/Freezer Shelving. It quickly snaps onto existing refrigerator or freezer shelving to grab the customer's attention allowing them to take notice of the item you are trying to communicate to them about. Plastic label holders...

c-channel for double wire cooler shelf
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Item #: P3643 Black Label Hldr Dbl Wire Shlf 9137809251B -

P3643 Black Plastic Label Holder for Double Wire Cooler Shelf - 1-¼”H Tags C-Channel for Double Wire ShelfLabel Holder for Freezer/Cooler ShelfAdd a new dimension to your customer's shopping experience with this easy to use and versatile black plastic label holder that quickly snaps to refrigerator case shelves or freezer double wire shelving. Reach out to your customers with a message that really grabs their attention. Referred to as a c-channel for double wire shelves, this plastic shelf...

price tag molding for cooler shelves
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P3644 White Plastic Label Holder for Double Wire Cooler Shelf - 1-¼”H Tags Double Wire Cooler Shelf Strip Label Holder for Double Wire ShelfGet your customer's undivided attention and improve their shopping experience with this simple to use and versatile double wire cooler shelf strip! This convenience store or grocery store signage idea quickly snaps onto beverage cooler wire shelves or freezer case double wire shelving. This label holder for double wire shelves allows you to reach out to...

Cooler Shelf Strips

Shelf Price Strips for Coolers and Freezer Cases

Use cooler shelf strips to make your products stand out inside refrigerated display cases or freezer cases at retail and give your customers information they are looking for, which can include:

  • Pricing or Sales
  • Branded Product Advertising
  • Custom Store Related Messages
  • Product Comparison Information or Ingredients

Whether you operate a convenience store, grocery or liquor store, you probably have freezer cases or beverage cooler shelves. Such food and beverage display areas require the use of a label holders for wire freezer/cooler shelves or double wire cooler shelf strips. Price tag molding for cooler shelves protects labels by preventing them from curling under or tearing. Use cooler shelf tags in convenience store coolers, grocery store refrigerated areas and with retail store double wire cooler shelves. Multiple colors are available to allow you to grab your customers' attention with a display that stands out and gives customers the product and pricing information they are seeking.

Price Strip for Cooler Shelves

Label Holder for Wire Freezer/Cooler Shelf

Price strips for cooler shelves display freezer shelf labels or cooler shelf tags. They provide the necessary product information to allow your customers to efficiently find, compare and purchase products from refrigerated and frozen food sections of your store. C-channels for double wire shelves allow you to display pricing information, including unit price and other product information. Merchandisers can easily change labels with these shelf strips. This saves restocking time and increases store labor efficiency.

Plastic shelf strips have many benefits including a reduction in:

  • Lost Sales
  • Lost Tags
  • Lost Shelf Products

A current study of a major grocery chain revealed a 10 percent product loss due to the inability of labels to stay attached to shelving in cooler spaces because of moisture. This translated to an estimated loss in excess of $1 million dollars for a 200-store chain due to product loss and inefficient price information. Don't let your business become a victim to lost revenue caused by ineffective product labeling. Take advantage of data strip label holders that are designed to withstand the cool temperatures and high humidity of the insides of refrigerated display cases, coolers and frozen food cases.

Price Tag Molding for Cooler Shelves

Beverage Cooler Displays

Price tag molding for cooler shelves is specially formulated to survive in cooler environments and provide high visibility for all products and price information in coolers and refrigerators. Customers who are unable to find product pricing or information are often inclined to skip over that item while being frustrated that they were unable to find the information they needed to make the purchase. Avoid this scenario by taking advantage of price tag molding that is specifically formulated to withstand cold temperatures. You no longer need to worry about bleeding ink, wet labels that won't adhere or weak price tag chips. This means no more lost sales for your business allowing you to increase efficiency and profits. DGS Retail has specialized in beverage cooler display ideas and freezer case display ideas since 1979.

Double Wire Cooler Shelf Strips

C-Channel for Double Wire Shelf

If you own a supermarket, retail convenience store, liquor store or any other establishment where cold storage is used to store products you sell, then you need to use double wire cooler shelf strips to protect your labels. These are specially engineered to snap over the standard double wires that are used on most wire cooler and freezer shelves. These are generally ?” high. Use c-channels for double wire shelves to display cooler tags and freezer price tickets. Evoke emotion in your customers by delivering a clear and concise message about your products exactly at the point-of-sale. You can also use a label holder for the freezer or cooler shelf to make product pricing and product information easily available to your customers.

Shelf Strips for Cooler Price Tags

If you own any kind of retail establishment which sells products kept in cold storage, then you cannot afford to be without cooler shelf strips. Protect your products and prominently display pricing and other information that would be useful to your customers. Doing so will call attention to products you keep in a freezer case or cooler shelves. Your products will stand out from the competition since you can use shelf strips for cooler price tags to deliver a clear message to your customers that will draw them to your products and compel them to make the purchase.

Don't delay. Buy your price tag holders for freezers and cooler shelves. DGS Retail offers a variety of styles and sizes that can be used in any type of retail store or food service establishment. The specially formulated labels can withstand cold temperatures so there is no more worrying about product loss from inefficient labels. Your business will prosper and your customers will appreciate the convenient shopping experience where they are provided with the information they need to make informed purchases with no confusion.