Produce Display Bins & Cases

Wooden Produce Display Bins and Cases

If your retail store sales are driven by the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables you’ll want to increase your sales with great designed grocery store fixtures and food displays. Produce wholesalers recommend professionally designed grocery store fixtures to retailers so that sales are maximized and shrink or inventory losses are minimized. Your store’s profitability depends on selling high quality conventionally grown or organically grown fruits and vegetables. Depend on DGS Retail for high quality yet low cost wooden orchard display bins and produce cases, food risers and stands.

Who Should Use Produce Orchard Bins and Cases?

For grocery stores and supermarkets produce sales amount to an average of 10% of their gross revenue. Properly displayed food and produce will increase sales in this important category. Generally store managers, owners and produce buyers specify wooden display bins and retail dump bins to help create a sense of volume produce sales with consumers. DGS Retail also offers produce tables and racks. Click here to see all of our grocery store displays and fixtures.

Types of Produce Merchandised in Bins and Cases

Many types of produce can be merchandised in wooden display bins, produce cases and produce tables. Most types of produce are sold depending on the way they were grown or from where they came from. It’s important to keep organic and locally grown produce separate from produce that’s conventionally grown or sourced. This helps to eliminate the possibility that the produce will be mislabeled. These are types of produce that are often displayed on orchard bins in grocery stores:

  • Mexican Yellow Papayas, Hawaiian Papayas and Kapoho are also called Paw Paw or Mamao
  • Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Crenshaw Melons, Honeydew Melons, Winter Melon - are ideal to display in wooden bins.
  • Large melons like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew look great in retail display bins
  • Tropical fruits like Grapefruit, pineapple, Agave, calabashtree, babaco
  • Avocados
  • Tropical citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges
  • Latin and Asian fruits like Lychee, Dragon Fruit, Guanabana or Soursop, Passion Fruit, Carambola or Starfruit and Guavasteen
  • Mexican fruits and vegetables like tomatillos, jicama, chayote, nopales or prickly pear and mamey.
  • Chayotes or vegetable pears are sometimes called mirlitons and look great in wood bins.
  • Eggplants were originally cultivated in India and China. Common types include Black Magic, Black Bell, Sicilian, Zebra eggplant, Indian eggplant and Japanese.
  • Large Squash like pumpkins are perfect for seasonal bin displays in a featured part of your produce department.
  • Bags of Onions
  • Bags of Potatoes
  • Zucchinis and Okra
  • Heads of Lettuce

Many types of produce can be displayed on wooden display bins and produce merchandisers however some kinds of produce are better suited for refrigerated cases. Produce wholesalers should be asked as to optimal display techniques required for the produce that they sell.

Produce Merchandising Tips

The produce department is often the first area of a grocery store that shoppers encounter when they enter a supermarket. This is because produce is naturally colorful, connotes freshness and can also be one of the higher margin and productive areas of the store related to sales and profitability. A properly merchandised produce department will get consumers to stop in their tracks. Here are some tips and ideas when it comes to produce merchandising:

  • “Dummy Up” or create false bottoms and bases to your displays. In bulk displays create a food display that appears full but really isn’t. These types of displays are easier for your employees to work with and decrease bruising and shrinkage while maximizing sales. Use food risers and food display stands and steps to do this. These can be utilized on top of an orchard bin or retail dump bin or nesting tables.
  • Design your display so that it looks like a waterfall or a cascade of fresh produce. To prevent or minimize damage to produce, items should generally not be displayed more than a layer or two deep. Get creative in designing your visual display with different size orchard display bins that stair step up so that you can display fruits and vegetables so that they look like a mound or mountain of produce.
  • Cross merchandise food items. Sell caramel with apples, flowers with wine, bananas with strawberries and other combinations that go together. For packaged produce try soup kits and salsa kits. This can be done seasonally for holiday specials as an example.
  • Follow FIFO (first in first out) and rotate your produce stock frequently. With a dummied up display your produce will be fresher and because it looks great it will sell faster.
  • Displays matter – people buy with their eyes. Think of your displays as landscaping and keep them neat and clean.
  • Don’t forget signage. Use small sign holders, tabletop signs, clip on signs and retail headers to educate your customers about the nutritional value of the produce items as well as describing popular ways to prepare the item. Chalkboard signs add a farmer’s market look that customers love.
  • Offer samples. Customers love free samples and it’s a good way of increasing interest in higher margin items.
  • Add wicker baskets and wooden crates to your point of purchase display for a more wholesome design.

Produce Display Bins

DGS Retail offers wooden display bins or orchard bins in a variety of styles and colors. Vintage designs or farmer’s market display bins are a good way to add authenticity to your retail store environment and increase sales. Display bins are offered in three sizes so that you can create a stair step or waterfall display of produce. The vintage bins have antique style cast iron casters and a rough wooden pallet finish. Black hardware details and corner protectors add to the old fashioned look to this design. The orchard bins can be stained from your selection of colors on the DGS Retail Color Stain Guide found here:Wood Stain Color Guide For small grocery stores and convenience stores use the smaller sized display bins. Wet produce bins are also available.

Food Risers and stands:

Add wooden food risers and display stands to the tops of the orchard bins to help create the illusion of mounds of fresh produce. These work as false bottoms or bases and allow you to design a waterfall of food displays. The wooden risers can be stained the same color as the orchard bins for a coordinated design look that visual merchandisers and store designer’s love.