Wire Fixture Sign Holders

Sign Holder Clips That Work Well With Retail Wire Fixtures

DGS Retail is a leading manufacturer of signage supplies and extruded plastics for stores and more. We offer a wide array of sign and label holders for use in wire grid fixtures, including wire shelving, Metro shelving, baskets, dump bins, shelf fences, and dividers. All of them utilize a simple yet strong clip-on design that makes it easy to attach to any fixture. They're also easy to remove, making them great for temporary situations, or to move around the store as needed.

Versatile Ticket Holders Add Necessary Info to Wire Shelving

Given the portability and easy attachment and removal, our wire sign holders have a variety of uses both in and out of retail environments. For store owners, they can add advertising to current products, alongside branded promotions and product info on wire baskets and related fixtures. They can even create signs to guide customers to specific products and categories, not to mention price tags at point of purchase.

For businesses, restaurants, and other organizations, these sign holders work well with the wire shelving they may have, especially if it's Metro brand shelving. They can be used to effectively organize various items, such as cooking ingredients and cleaning supplies and provide clear direction to employees on how to keep things tidy.

What are Wire Display Sign & Label Holders

Generally, when adding signs to wire store fixtures or shelving, it’s useful to determine who the intended audience is and how they will interact with the sign. Will the sign need to be readable at a distance or just close-up? Or both? If the sign needs to be readable from a distance, it is recommended that a perpendicular sign be used. This is desirable when the you want the sign to be read from say, a customer walking down a store aisle as an example. These are called wayfinding signs and are mostly used to convey top level messages like product category or sale info. Perpendicular signs like these are often called aisle violators or flag signs.

Once your audience has found the right category, then more detailed product info needs to be shown so that a customer can make product comparisons quickly. Usually this takes place with a customer standing in front on the sign. In these instances you want parallel signs. These are often called flush signs or shelf strips.

Whether your interested in perpendicular or flush sign holders, DGS Retail has a wide variety to choose from that are designed to work well with wire fixtures, shelving and displays.