Wanzl Gondola Shelving

Elegant, simple and functional 

The clean, practical design of the wire tech 100™ system takes a back seat, ensuring the customer focuses on what is really important: your products. This increases product density and underpins the clean and clear overall impression of your shop. With wire tech 100™, each product range can be presented to optimal effect—on a unit in the middle of the room or on a shelf on the wall. The clean shapes sit in perfect harmony with stylish spaces including pillars, round arches and moulding. High-class materials and colors for ceilings, walls and floors ensure the ultimate feel-good effect for your customers. 

wire tech 100™ Wire Shelves

wire tech 100™ places your product range in the spotlight: the wire shelves make gaps between the goods visually disappear. If an item is missing, the light and the attention of the customers automatically fall on the shelf below.

  • High quality powder coat finish—provides durable long lasting finish
  • Joint-less design prevents dirt accumulation and simple cleaning process
  • Superior engineered components for long lasting merchandising integrity
  • Creates an ambience that translates into a “Boutique Look”

wire tech 100™ Increases Merchandising Space

The centrally mounted back panel in wire tech 100™ puts your available space to optimum use. Where conventional shelving systems with front-mounted rear panels left space unused, wire tech 100™ creates space for more merchandise and your turnover!

Rapid Assembly and Conversion

The click wire shelf perfects the wire tech 100™ fitting system. Quick hanging and re-hanging, extremely high safety, loading capacity and stability. wire tech 100™ can be constructed in a matter of minutes—no need for tools.