Liquor Store Shelving

Liquor Store Shelving Ideas

Knowing how to operate a liquor store or opening a wine store is half the battle. Keeping liquor store inventory costs under control and obtaining or maintaining a liquor store license are some of the top priorities in managing a retail store in the liquor industry. The right liquor store shelving and commercial wine racks go a long way to assist you in running a successful business. You can rely on DGS Retail to help with some of the daily challenges related to liquor store supplies that you overcome in this retail business. Supplying the liquor, convenience and grocery industry since 1979, DGS Retail is an expert in the field.

Unlike standard supermarket gondola shelving, liquor store shelving is different. Liquor and wine bottle dimensions have to be considered in determining what capacity of bottle inventory that your store or department can reasonably display. When it comes to liquor store design DGS Retail can help owner operators or managers with merchandising ideas, tips and most importantly, answers. Package stores, convenience stores and wine shops all require store fixtures to operate. DGS Retail offers liquor store shelving and commercial wine racks that will compliment your bottles and locally crafted or locally sourced wines and liquors.

Liquor Store Fixtures

DGS Retail offers steel black gondola shelving and wooden wine store shelving that compliments your liquor inventory and bottle selection. Our gondola shelving is engineered to perform in your tough retail environment. We design our metal shelving, wooden gondola systems and wood wine racks so that they are strong enough to support the heavy weight of liquor and wine bottles. DGS Retail's unique store shelving is available in multiple sizes. The store fixture heights vary from 48" high to 96" high. We can create individual walk-around islands or double sided gondola units to complete wine aisles or even your whole store. Our systems tend to be modular so that they can be made in different sizes to be able to accommodate unique store floor plans.

Gondola Shelving for Liquor Stores

Because we are a gondola shelving manufacturer we offer wholesale shelving pricing on a variety of different store shelving systems and commercial racking. Many of our items are in-stock and can ship the day we receive your order. We have an extensive selection of liquor store equipment, liquor store fixtures and even instore signage solutions developed for the spirits industry. Your choices in liquor store shelf options include wood gondola shelving. This is a modular system that adds authenticity and elegance to your retail selling floor. It's ideal for wine stores, convenience stores and even gift shops. Our wooden shelving system is hand stained by our craftsmen in our factory. You can choose from over 30 different DGS Retail premium wood stains and we do this at no additional cost.

The wood shelving can be added to our black gondola shelving. We offer vertical slatwall and slatwall gondola shelving systems. These also can be custom stained to create the perfect look in your store. Slatwall merchandising can give you the warm look of a wood design with the versatility of peghook merchandising. For a more see-through shopping environment we offer gridwall gondola and gridwall panel displays. These are a low cost method to add functional store fixtures in your store that also have the benefit of being able to see through the display. This creates an airy and open feel to the store. Gridwall panels also have the advantage of being able to peghook product to them. For a more conventional look we offer regular pegboard gondola shelving as well. This is offered in black, white and other custom colors.

Complete Liquor Store Supplies

We offer an array of liquor store fixture solutions and supplies. From slatwall panel displays, custom stained wood gondola shelving and gridwall panel displays we have you covered for all you store layout needs. DGS Retail also sells regular pegboard gondola shelving at a discount. Our complete line of accessories is engineered to to work with our store shelving and racking systems. These are used to create high performance retail shelving displays in your store. Every beer, wine & liquor bottle is different and needs to be merchandised effectively to sell. Merchandising wine bottles or locally brewed beer is different than merchandising smaller items or food as an example. To accommodate modern store design DGS Retail has developed an extensive line of gondola parts. This includes a variety of cross bars, hangrails and custom peghooks specific to wine & convenience stores.

Our store shelving is sold in both double sided gondola island racks and wall shelving displays or single sided gondola units. There are many gondola shelf types, widths and depths to choose from. We offer a variety of shelving parts and accessories from hang bars and dump bins to wire baskets and wood wine crate display ideas. Choose from a complete display that includes point of purchase signage or we can create a custom free liquor store design layout specifically for your store or shop. We manufacture in volume and pass the savings along to you so you can rest assured that you’ll receive wholesale prices on our racks and displays and get a high level of customer service as well.

Free Store Design and Layout

DGS Retail offers free, no obligation floor plan layout of it’s liquor store shelving solutions. Wine shop and liquor store owners can receive a 3D layout of their store that shows our racking solutions custom laid out to optimize the shopping experience and to maximize bottle capacity. Our layouts will even tell you how many cases of standard sized wine bottles that the store fixtures will hold. Store managers need to provide our retail architects and store designers with a dimensioned floor plan and some photos of the store and we'll take it from there. Click here to learn more about this exciting free service: Free Liquor Store Layout