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Plastic Tag & Label Holders For Shelves

DGS Retail is a shelf strip manufacturer that has been supplying the store display and retail industries with low cost quality plastic sign holders since 1979. We realize that retail stores take many forms and our in-house store designers and engineers are in constant development of new retail signage displays to work in a variety of store types. We offer small and large plastic price tag holders and shelf strips for sale. They are generally used to display retail signage at the point of sale. They can also be used by businesses and the public to add signage to shelves, fixtures and cases. We sell custom channel strips that are plastic profile extrusions. There is a wide selection of color shelf strips and clear shelving strips that can been seen through. Plastic price tag display holders are used to hold more than just price tags. Retailers and visual merchandisers use them to show advertising to shoppers as well as UPC labels and sale signs.

Data Strips and Info Strips

A common use for plastic shelf channels is to use a variety of them referred to as data strips and info strips to be able to add UPC stickers or labels to retail shelving. DGS Retail manufactures many types of data strips. There are clip on data strips that attach to standard gondola shelves with no fasteners required. These make installation in stores a breeze. Their are models that work on gondola shelf edges. They are also sometimes referred to as snap-on or snap-in data strips. Info strips are similar and create a protective clear cover that price tags or UPC codes can be scanned through. These are commonly used at grocery stores, supermarkets and other types of retailers. Info strips are for sale in a variety of sizes. They can display advertising or price tags from 1-1/4" high to 4" high.

Shelf Tag Holders

Shelf tag and label holders are plastic channel strips that fit onto shelving or other store fixtures and furniture. They can be used to label anything from store shelves to library shelves or even wood shelves. They can be simple plastic c channels with foam tape that can be adhered to any clean surface. We also offer clear and color versions of shelf tag holders as well as custom shelf strips. These can be extruded into a variety of different profile shapes.

Shelf Strips for Retail Signage

DGS Retail's line of adhesive shelf tag holders are adhered to the shelf or other surface with double sided industrial foam tape. This forms a permanent bond and will hold the plastic shelf strip in place in high traffic areas of a store or business. Adhesive label holders can be used on almost any clean flat surface and are also for sale. DGS Retail sells self-locating price tag holder shelf strips. These can be lined up on the bottom edge of a gondola shelf while sticking it down to help align it perfectly. The shelf label holders have clear PVC faces that will protect the price tags but can be read through.

Plastic U Channels and Flip Up Sign Holders

For adding larger signs at the point of sale DGS Retail recommends using our hinged plastic sign holders. These are offered in a wide selection of sizes. They are extruded polyvinyl and have a built in living hinge. The hinge allows the sign holders to be lifted up and out of the way so that you can access the space or the shelf below the sign. These larger shelf price strips are great for liquor stores or wine shops that want to display wine shelf talkers featuring varietal information or at bakeries that want to show bread ingredients or recipes. They are also used at grocery stores, bookstores, and gift shops.

Double Wire Shelf Strips

Label holders for freezer and cooler cases require special designs that can withstand the temperature fluctuations and be able to snap on to wire shelving. DGS Retail has a large selection of these types of plastic shelf strips. There are channels that are designed to clip on to a wire shelf with a double wire front to it that is common in many beer coolers and convenience stores. This is a c-channel for double wire shelves and fit common 1-1/4" high data or price tags. They are offered in white and black. For freezer and cooler shelves that are at C stores and grocery stores we recommend ticket molding that will snap onto most cooler shelves. They have a clear front that will protect paper price tags that are 1-1/4"H.

Magnetic Sign Holders And Clips

Displaying Professionalism with Magnetic Retail Sign Holders and Clips

In the retail industry, there are two major ways for your business to look professional in terms of advertising and messaging. Your first option is to create over-the-top advertising where it is clear that you have spent tons of money and spent tons of time creating superior branding and messaging. And, while this is usually highly effective, it is rarely cost effective for any but the largest of businesses.

The other option for professionalism is to create product advertising and branding that looks simple, flawless, and effortless. It doesn't have to dazzle. It just has to be presented in such a way that the viewer can't see behind the curtain to see the mundane bits that permit your advertising and point of purchase signage to function.

If this is the in-store signage model of your business, magnetic sign clips and magnetic sign holders for retail use are certain to be the secret behind your success. These products allow your business to easily display signs in just about any location in an efficient and subtle manner. Consider how these benefits create a sense of professionalism.

Benefits of a Magnetic Sign Holder for Retail Merchandising Displays

  • Invisible or easily hidden - Magnetic sign clips and holders attach to the sign and a fixed object in such a way that the viewer usually can't see them while reading the sign. This ensures that your customers remained engaged with the contents of the sign itself, rather than the components used to hold it in place.
  • Attaches to a variety of surfaces - A magnetic sign holder can be placed in just about any location where there is a metal steel surface. This lets you put signs on gondola shelving, beverage cooler door frames, cooler wire shelves, refrigerated display cases, appliances, ceiling grids, and food service equipment, as long as there is a nearby metal surface. Additionally, the wide variety of available retail sign holders and clips ensures your sign will look good in just about any position in your retail space.
  • Attaches securely - If you have ever used a magnet, you know that while it may be relatively easy to place one down, it takes intentional effort to actually lift one from the metal surface it is attached to. This ensures that your signs won't fall, be bumped or be knocked down by errant customers or staff. This makes magnetic retail signs ideal for high traffic areas of your store.
  • Easy to change - One of the best advantages of magnetic sign holders for retail use is the ability to easily reposition signs, move signs, or add new signs. The most effective professional marketing changes regularly with each promotion, never letting messages grow stale. With a variety of magnetic retail sign holders, you can regularly introduce new messaging, advertise new sales, change price tags, or simply highlight new products.

Popular Types of Magnetic Retail Sign Holders

It can actually take a lot of work to regularly create, update, and disperse messaging and advertising around your retail space, but with a magnetic retail sign holder, that effort is never apparent to your customer base. When you are trying to maintain an air of professionalism, that is a good thing. However, while it may take moderate effort to maintain your marketing strategy, these sign holders and clips are easy enough to use that you won't need to hire 3rd party assistance to make these changes around your retail space.

Every store requires different messaging and advertising to optimize profits. Determining precisely what works for yours may take time, but it helps to know what options are available.

Magnetic Price Tag Holders

  • This simple product is designed to attach to shelves primarily and tends to be best for businesses that allow customers to engage in off-the-shelf shopping, usually in a retail setting with aisles.

Magnetic Sign Clips

  • Usually designed to hold a sign horizontally so it juts out of a shelf, these clips are very common in liquor stores. They have roughly the same usage as tag holders. However, because the presentation is bolder, they can also be used to highlight a specific product, possibly because it is new or on sale.

Magnetic Ceiling Sign Holders

  • These holders attach signs to the ceiling. In an aisle setting, they are great for hanging signs that list the categories of the aisle. They also tend to be highly useful for displaying information near the point of purchase.

Whether you are setting up a store for the first time or you simply want to modernize the way you present messaging, advertising, and branding in your store, magnetic retail sign holders and clips are a cost efficient and time efficient way to maximize your in-store advertising. Choose DGS Retail as your complete source for retail design solutions and equipment.


Aisle Violators

Retail Aisle Violator Sign Holders

Increase incremental sales and impulse buys with these attractive and effective retail aisle violator sign holders. Aisle violators, or aisle violator sign clips, are named because of the way that they protrude from gondola shelf edges or retail end cap displays of store aisles. They grab your customer's attention and direct it to the items featured on the retail shelving systems. Aisle violator signage is used in many locations - grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, liquor stores, and convenience stores all use a style of aisle violator signs. They bring attention to special products and and advertise promotions that store managers want to sell.

Retail Shelf Edge Sign Holders

The edges of retail shelving and promotional end caps are the first things that a customer sees when walking through your store. Many savvy store operators understand this, and so place sale items or items that they need to move quickly, on the end caps or on gondola shelving, making them more visible to passing shoppers. Strategically placed aisle violators will capture the passing shopper's eyes. Aisle violators have been shown to increase impulse buys of the items referenced in the in-store signage. Many times, people in a hurry will grab whichever product is advertised on the aisle violator sign, and not even turn down that aisle. Savvy merchandisers may choose to put very profitable items in the end cap section, to entice these hurried shoppers.

Aisle Invaders and Interrupters

Aisle violator signage is called many things. These include aisle blade signs and aisle invaders or interrupters. They are generally all the same type of sign although blade signs tend to be long vertical signs that are shaped like a knife blade. These work well for delineating a section of gondola shelving for brand blocking or for type of products being merchandised. In hardware stores, as an example, blade signs might be used to section off different types of fasteners or light bulbs down a store aisle. Typically, big box home improvement stores carry seasonal merchandise, and need to move many specialty items in a short period of time. In this case, aisle violators inform customers of items that aren't typically for sale in these stores, and cause them to stop and consider as they shop for other home items. When large warehouse-style home improvement stores need to move little items quickly, they choose aisle violators and blade signs.

Retail Shelf Sign Holders

DGS Retail sells many types of aisle violator hardware. These include aisle violator clips and retail shelf sign holders. They are generally plastic construction. These retail sign holders are very impact resistant, long lasting and waterproof. This makes them spill-resistant as well, so even if they are placed on a display with spill-able goods, the aisle violator clips themselves will not be damaged. The clips are durable, as well, and the ones that are designed to be removed - the magnetic ones, the suction cup ones, and the ones that clip on existing gondola shelf edges - stand up to multiple repositioning throughout the selling floor of your store.

Aisle Violator Hardware

Aisle violator hardware comes in a variety of types, adhesion specifications, and sizes to fit any type of aisle invader signage display. The clip-on aisle violator sign holder will easily attach directly into the existing gondola shelf channel. They are designed strong to hold aisle violator printing signage. Many of these clips feature plastic gripper sign holders. These are used to securely hold the printed aisle violator signs in place on the shelf edge or store fixture. The smooth edges of the sign holding clips allow store managers to change out the signage on a weekly, or as-needed basis, without damaging the custom aisle violator signs themselves.

Magnetic Aisle Violator Sign Holders

For metal shelving, choose aisle violator sign hardware options with magnetic adhesion. The slender magnets are deceptively strong and will hold display retail signage securely in place. These types of magnetic aisle violator sign clips use ceramic neodymium super-strong magnets and will adhere to all steel surfaces in your store. One of the main complaints about inferior sign holders is the lack of stability of the signs in place. It is difficult to display information about the merchandise display if the signs have become dislodged from their intended position. The magnets are completely reusable and sturdy.

Some aisle invaders are adhesive backed, using industrial strength adhesion. This type of sign clip works best for a fixed display, where the product is rotated in and out, and the signage itself changed to inform about the new product or special. The display unit itself remains in place, as does the adhered aisle violator clip. The smooth grips in the sign holder will ensure that stores can reuse signs without the signs becoming damaged.

Suction Cup Aisle Violators

Suction Cup Flag Sign Holders for Cooler Doors

Smoother shelving units and glass on beverage cooler doors aren't exempt from eye-catching aisle invaders - there are suction cup aisle violator holders for sale, also. These are industrial grade plastic suction cups, designed to stick and stay in place on coolers and freezer cases at retail. These can best be used in stores that want the best beverage cooler merchandising ideas and freezer case merchandising ideas. The suction cups will adhere as long as the surface is smooth and clean. These types have the plastic sign grippers, as well, so you can move around the sign holders and change the signage to vary the look of the store's point of purchase displays.

Why Use Aisle Violators?

Aisle violators are a small sign with a big impact on a business's impulse sales profits. With proper placement, aisle violator signage should protrude into the store aisle and capture your customer's gaze. Position aisle violator sign holders on retail shelving units, refrigerated display cases and store fixtures to draw attention to high margin products that you wish to sell. Aisle blade signs or interrupters should be placed so as not to block your shopper’s field of view of the products that they point to. Use them on gondola shelving, retail end cap displays or beverage cooler glass doors. The best uses for aisle violators are to draw attention to special pricing, new products, store events and promotional items that the business wishes to sell or promote quickly. With several styles of sign holders, as well as methods of adhesion, there really is no limit to how a business can display aisle violators. They can be subtle, or truly in your face, and they are proven effective in increasing sales.

Gondola Header & Topper Sign Holders

Gondola Header and Topper Sign Holders

Add retail sale signs, pricing signs and branded advertising onto gondola shelving units and retail end cap displays to increase impulse sales. Gondola header sign holders, topper sign holders and retail end cap display signs are effective tools to help gain shopper's attention while they walk the store. These retail sign holders function as way-finding signs to guide consumers to desired product categories or store aisles. They also can be used to let consumers know of retail sales, specific product pricing or special promotions.

Gondola signage ideas are often used to convey to shoppers product feature and benefit information so they can successfully comparatively shop between multiple products. Gondola sign holders can be placed on top of the store fixtures for easy viewing or on the shelf edge. Printed signs are generally inserted into the sign holders and are changed frequently based on seasonal promotions or changes to the products being displayed on the shelves.

Smart retailers and visual merchandisers know that showing product information and pricing at the point-of-purchase helps to increase sales of those items compared to displays without signs. DGS Retail is a retail sign holder manufacturer and we supply a variety of sign holders that are designed to be used on gondola shelving or retail shelving fixtures.

What is a Gondola Top Sign Holder?

The gondola top sign holders generally refer to the retail sign holders that mount direct to the gondola shelving unit back panels or to the gondola pegboard panels. Usually they are placed either right above the back panel, extending upwards from the top cap of the gondola, or directly onto the pegboard panel face. These sign placements are effective on gondolas that are 72" high or lower. This is because, ideally, you want the retail signage to be at eye-level for easy reading by consumers. DGS Retail offers sign frames and holders that mount to the top of gondola shelving back panels or sign holders that project off the slotted gondola shelving uprights.

What is a Gondola Header Sign Holder?

Gondola header sign holders are retail sign holders or frames that are positioned at the top of gondola shelving units in store aisles. They are displayed extending upwards from the top cross-rail of the retail shelving fixture. They can also be placed so they extend outwards, or float, in front of the gondola. This is usually done with projection brackets that connect the sign holders to either the slotted gondola uprights or to a shelf edge that placed high up on a tall gondola. The difference between gondola topper sign holders and gondola header sign holders is that the header signs are usually placed up high on tall gondola that more than 72" high so they can be above eye level. The benefit is that this type of high retail sign placement allows for more space to display product below it.

What are Retail End Cap Display Signs?

Retail end cap display signs are generally retail sign holders that are attached to a gondola shelving unit on the end of a store aisle. The end cap displays usually are the bookends to a long store aisle at a grocery store or supermarket. These can be some of the most profitable areas of the store because they are very noticeable to shoppers as they walk around the perimeter or racetrack of the store.

Gondola end cap signs can be attached to the tops of the end cap, along the sides or side-caps and on the shelf edges. The sign holders allow for easy replacement and changing of the printed signs as the seasonal promotions or products being displayed change. Retail end cap signs can be header signs, topper signs, or pricing signs. DGS Retail offers all these types of retail sign holders including some designs with spiral pricing pads that are ideal for frequently changing promotions.

Labels For Freezer & Cooler Shelves

Cooler Shelf Strips

Use cooler shelf strips to make your products stand out inside refrigerated display cases or freezer cases at retail and give your customers information they are looking for, which can include:

  • Pricing or Sales
  • Branded Product Advertising
  • Custom Store Related Messages
  • Product Comparison Information or Ingredients

Whether you operate a convenience store, grocery or liquor store, you probably have freezer cases or beverage cooler shelves. Such food and beverage display areas require the use of a label holders for wire freezer/cooler shelves or double wire cooler shelf strips. Price tag molding for cooler shelves protects labels by preventing them from curling under or tearing. Use cooler shelf tags in convenience store coolers, grocery store refrigerated areas and with retail store double wire cooler shelves. Multiple colors are available to allow you to grab your customers' attention with a display that stands out and gives customers the product and pricing information they are seeking.

Price Strip for Cooler Shelves

Price strips for cooler shelves display freezer shelf labels or cooler shelf tags. They provide the necessary product information to allow your customers to efficiently find, compare and purchase products from refrigerated and frozen food sections of your store. C-channels for double wire shelves allow you to display pricing information, including unit price and other product information. Merchandisers can easily change labels with these shelf strips. This saves restocking time and increases store labor efficiency.

Plastic shelf strips have many benefits including a reduction in:

  • Lost Sales
  • Lost Tags
  • Lost Shelf Products

A current study of a major grocery chain revealed a 10 percent product loss due to the inability of labels to stay attached to shelving in cooler spaces because of moisture. This translated to an estimated loss in excess of $1 million dollars for a 200-store chain due to product loss and inefficient price information. Don't let your business become a victim to lost revenue caused by ineffective product labeling. Take advantage of data strip label holders that are designed to withstand the cool temperatures and high humidity of the insides of refrigerated display cases, coolers and frozen food cases.

Beverage Cooler Displays

Price tag molding for cooler shelves is specially formulated to survive in cooler environments and provide high visibility for all products and price information in coolers and refrigerators. Customers who are unable to find product pricing or information are often inclined to skip over that item while being frustrated that they were unable to find the information they needed to make the purchase. Avoid this scenario by taking advantage of price tag molding that is specifically formulated to withstand cold temperatures.

You no longer need to worry about bleeding ink, wet labels that won't adhere or weak price tag chips. This means no more lost sales for your business allowing you to increase efficiency and profits. DGS Retail has specialized in beverage cooler display ideas and freezer case display ideas since 1979.

C-Channel for Double Wire Shelf

If you own a supermarket, retail convenience store, liquor store or any other establishment where cold storage is used to store products you sell, then you need to use double wire cooler shelf strips to protect your labels. These are specially engineered to snap over the standard double wires that are used on most wire cooler and freezer shelves. These are generally ?” high. Use c-channels for double wire shelves to display cooler tags and freezer price tickets. Evoke emotion in your customers by delivering a clear and concise message about your products exactly at the point-of-sale. You can also use a label holder for the freezer or cooler shelf to make product pricing and product information easily available to your customers.

Shelf Strips for Cooler Price Tags

If you own any kind of retail establishment which sells products kept in cold storage, then you cannot afford to be without cooler shelf strips. Protect your products and prominently display pricing and other information that would be useful to your customers. Doing so will call attention to products you keep in a freezer case or cooler shelves. Your products will stand out from the competition since you can use shelf strips for cooler price tags to deliver a clear message to your customers that will draw them to your products and compel them to make the purchase.

Don't delay. Buy your price tag holders for freezers and cooler shelves. DGS Retail offers a variety of styles and sizes that can be used in any type of retail store or food service establishment. The specially formulated labels can withstand cold temperatures so there is no more worrying about product loss from inefficient labels. Your business will prosper and your customers will appreciate the convenient shopping experience where they are provided with the information they need to make informed purchases with no confusion.

Pallet Rack Sign Holders

Brand managers, visual merchandisers and store managers that are responsible for the point-of-purchase display advertising of products at retail have a unique challenge when it comes to displaying products in either hardware store environments or in stores where the retail fixtures are pallet racks or hyper racking systems. Stores that use these types of racks go beyond just hardware or DIY stores. They often include home centers, pet supply stores, office products stores and even some food retailers. The reason that these stores use pallet racking or warehouse racks is usually to convey to their customers that they are extremely high volume retail environments and that their shoppers can enjoy the resulting low prices because of it.

Warehouse rack stores or home centers have special in-store signage requirements that are different from stores where the bulk of the shelving is gondola. Retail signage and sign holders that are designed for gondola shelving in most cases simply do not work in a pallet rack environment or if they can be used they usually are not sturdy enough to survive for any length of time.

Add Pallet Racking Signage at Home Centers

Signage in a warehouse rack store can generally be split up into two main levels. Overall wayfinding or directional signage gets a shopper to the right area of the store depending on what they are searching for. Once the consumer is in the right area of the store then the second level is more brand and product informational signs. Wayfinding or navigation signs need to be read from a distance, be very clear and easy to read and can employ category differences like coloration or variances in typography to stand out one from the other. These types of directional signs can also be used in conjunction with store decor or decorative elements that reinforce the categories that are unique to the retailer and that they are known for.

Types of navigational sign holders include aisle violators, large overhead signs and warehouse aisle signs. Sometimes aisle signs are either attached directly to the pallet racks or they are of the hanging variety. Retail headers are often horizontal and face the consumer once the shopper is in front of the specific display. These signs are more informational and may have how-to or DIY information on them. They can be sign channels, c channels or overstock signs. So in general - aisle signs and aisle violators get you to the desired destination at the store. Then headers and sign channels hold signs that help you decide what to buy.

Warehouse Rack Aisle Signs

DGS Retail has a large assortment of both hanging aisle signs for warehouses and aisle signs that attach directly to the pallet racking. Models for both options are offered that have interchangeable category signs or product inserts. This allows for re-laying out or shuffling the products shown down each aisle without having to change the whole sign. Just add more printed inserts. Most aisle signs are custom printed and ordered online. They are made from virtually indestructible thick PVC material for long life.

Retail Headers That Cover Overstock

When retail sign holders are used in a pallet rack store they are generally used to advertise brands and how-to information to consumers. They also can be used to show shoppers the comparable features and benefits of different brands in the same product category. An example of this in a hardware store situation would be for a lawnmower display. At a major home center the lawnmower models may be displayed on a warehouse rack shelf or beam. The first level of signage required to effectively display this would be the signage that gets the shopper to arrive in front of the lawnmowers.

A combination of hanging aisle signs that advertise the lawn & garden department and then aisle signs down the aisle to show the shopper where the lawnmowers are located should get the consumer to where they need to be. Signage would then be required either at the brand level or to advertise all the brands shown in the bay and then to show the features and benefits of each of the brands. This would be done with headers, toppers or sign channels displaying signs with the brand and comparable features information.

Aisle Violators that Flex and Bounce Back

These pallet rack signs have to be engineered with unique qualities in order to work effectively in a warehouse rack store. DGS Retail has specially tested aisle violator sign holders that have been cycle tested 25,000 times to prove that they can withstand the brutal environment and forklift traffic that they are subjected to on a daily basis in some of these stores. Many of these warehouse sign holders have other special properties that allow them to be fully versatile on pallet racking. Special sign brackets and sign hinges that can be placed over horizontal rack shelves or beams help when sign height consistency above the floor is important as an example.

Retail Headers that provide ample advertising and brand space but still allow access to the overstock storage space that’s behind them are offered for sale. These types of signs tend to be horizontal in nature and move out of the way to get at the overstock stored behind them. Many different kinds of headers are sold. Flip signs move out of the way by flipping upwards or downwards. Barndoors are offered that pivot similar to regular doors for overstock access. Sliding signs move up and down vertically like a garage door for back stock access. C channels of all sizes and attachment methods are sold. Some have living hinges so that they can be lifted out of the way. Many are simple sign channels and mount direct to the warehouse rack shelf or beam face to hold promotional signage.

Magnetic Sign Holders, Warehouse Aisle Sign Holders, Plastic Grippers

Choose from a large collection of small sign holders for warehouse racks. These include magnetic sign holders that can be positioned directly to the rack uprights or to the beam faces. They can hold small sale signs or bay location signs. Additonally. there are plastic warehouse aisle sign holders that clip into the teardrop holes or slots on the uprights and many different shelf edge sign holders and grippers.

Large Plastic C Channels and J Channel Sign Holders for Rack Shelves and Beams

Choose from DGS Retail’s selection of plastic C channels and J channel sign holders. These are used to hold brand advertising signs or product feature information direct to the pallet rack cross beams. They are also used on warehouse rack shelves. They can be attached to the racks with screws, foam tape or magnetically. The C channels are offered in a multitude of sizes that will work perfect for your application. Some models have built in hinges so that the C channel can be pivoted out of the way to get at the overstock that can be stored behind it. C channels can be used to create retail headers that descend down from a high beam and angle for easy reading from the floor. There are flat C channel models in different heights that attach to the face of lower beams or belly beams for holding signs at a lower level.

Retail Flip Book Holders

Add changeable retail special order book holders direct to the pallet racking uprights or to the warehouse rack shelves. These are some of the best solutions to display special order pages out there. These types of sign books are great to display all the other models of products that are not available in the store but have to be special ordered. Retailers have discovered that offering special order products increases the options that are available to consumers without having to actually stock the merchandise. DGS retail has developed a line of these multi-page sign holders to work within this environment. They mount directly to the teardrop holes on the upright or to the face of the horizontal beams or rack shelves.

Countertop & Clip On Sign Holders

Countertop Sign Holders

Table top sign holders are used to display point of purchase advertising, brand messaging and product information at the point of sale. Small sign holders are great for holding 8.5 x 11, 5 x 7 and smaller signage on tabletops, countertops, check outs and feature displays throughout the store.

Deli Case Sign Holders

DGS Retail offers clip on sign holders that can display retail headers on top of gondola shelving, on metal or wicker baskets or just about any surface in your retail environment. Plastic small sign holders and shelf edge clips tend to be the least expensive low cost alternatives. DGS Retail has a wide range of plastic sign frames, metal sign holders and magnetic versions that are made from multi-materials. These small shelf edge sign holders are awesome when they are paired with larger aisle violators, plastic label holders, c channel sign holders and gondola toppers to create a complete yet economical retail brand or category display down the aisles of your store.

C Channel Sign Holders

Plastic C Channel Sign Holders

Add product advertising, pricing and sale signs at the point of purchase with plastic c channel sign holders. DGS Retail has been supplying the retail industry with creative plastic sign holder solutions and award-winning graphic design since 1979. Many retail environments are difficult to add signage to. These include warehouse stores and stores with gondola shelving units. Our team of in-house retail interior designers and architects specialize in developing retail sign holder solutions that meet the unique needs of these environments. We've developed a wide selection of retail header sign holders, retail valance sign holders and gondola topper sign holders that allow visual merchandisers to add signs to almost any store fixture.

Warehouse Rack Label Holders

DGS Retail offers channel sign holders in a variety of shapes, profiles and sizes. They are engineered for different uses in a multitude of in-store signage applications. For small shelf strip sign holders and shelf edge sign holders we recommend plastic c channel strips and warehouse rack label holders. These can be used as price tag holders and to display info strip data on the face of pallet rack beams in warehouse stores. The c channel strips are generally in the 1"H to 4"H range and can be affixed to warehouse rack shelves with either double sided foam tape or with self-drilling screws. There is also a line of magnetic label holders and magnetic channels.

Add Interchangeable Signs to the Point of Sale

Many of our plastic c channel sign holders are utilized to display price signs and sale signs. They are ideal for this type of retail signage because it is easy to change out a cheaply printed pricing label from a c channel strip. This reduces the overall cost of the retail display. The sign channels can be used to create elaborate point of purchase or POS displays at a very low cost. Use the larger plastic extrusion profiles as a valance or header sign and use the smaller profiles for pricing and product advertising signs.

Create a Point of Purchase Display at Home Centers

Many of our plastic sign holders are engineered to be mounted to a warehouse racking system or a pallet rack shelf. Some of them even have built in flanges and mounting lips that are designed to display the in-store signage at a downward facing angle so that shoppers can easily read them from below. We use shopper insights research to evaluate the effectiveness of our sign designs. Most shoppers read overhead signage and header signs over 24 times in the first 10 minutes of shopping alone. Generally aisle violator sign holders used on warehouse rack uprights will help get a consumer to the right bay in the store but the header signs displayed in large plastic c channels are read by shoppers standing in front of the point of purchase display. That's why we suggest that these types of retail signage displays be used to advertise product features and benefits as well as pricing.

Plastic J & U Channel Sign Holders

Other plastic profiles are in stock that can be used to display printed signs on sign boards or shelf edges. These include plastic J channels and plastic U channels. The J channels are utilized for creating slots that interchangeable signs can be slide into on a board, store fixture or retail display. The plastic U Channels are used to display store signs on gondola shelf edges and are offered in a variety of different sizes.

Shelf Talkers & Danglers

Shelf Talker Sign Holders

Shelf talker signs, sometimes referred to as danglers and wobblers, are often used by store managers to help customers compare different items and products on the same shelf that could easily be confused for one another. DGS Retail offers shelf talker holders in a variety of sizes and options that are designed to be flexible and versatile so that they can be used throughout a variety of different areas of your store. Shelf talker clips are engineered so that labels and printed signs can be easily used to draw attention from shoppers walking down your aisles. These have long been considered an asset in terms of store organization and driving your customer’s impulse buying behavior.

What is a Shelf Talker?

In many stores, shelf edge label holders often moonlight as shelf talkers, danglers and wobblers.So what is a shelf talker exactly? A shelf talker is a type of advertisement that doesn't just tell customers what the product is, but openly calls attention to the items on the retail shelves. Where a shelf edge label label strip will list the name and possibly the price of the item, shelf talkers will inform shoppers of sales, offer a brief description, and will draw your attention towards the item in an aisle filled with other items that are in competition for your attention. So, to be effective, a shelf talker sign needs to stand out. This can be done through effective graphic design or adding dimension or movement. These are things that a well designed shelf talker sign holder will do.

Where Shelf Talker Clips are Used

Besides the obvious method of grabbing attention, shelf talkers are capable of being utilized in a few different ways:

  • Inspiring emotion in customers
  • Mentioning brands
  • Using customized messages
  • Setting custom prices

Here are some of the businesses that benefit extensively from using shelf talkers:

  • Supermarkets
  • Bakeries
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Liquor Stores

DGS Retail sells shelf talker clips and holders in a variety of styles and sizes that can be used almost anywhere.

Best Shelf Talker Examples

Retailers of all types and sizes can definitely benefit from the purchase of shelf talker clip sign holders. Shelf talker clips make it easy to change your labels and printed signs that they display. This extends the life of your retail signage in the process. The ease of changing labels and printed signs alone is a big part of the reason why purchasing shelf talker clips sign holders simply makes sense to do. Best examples of shelf talkers include:

  • Retailers that often use shelf talker clips with built in sign holders to advertise on different shelves and in aisles throughout the store
  • Supermarkets that use the clips to make sure that customers are able to see the grocery items available on various basket, shelf, and rack displays
  • Shops that specialize in selling meat or fish will use these clips to mark new items or a recent special that they are promoting
  • Bakeries utilize shelf talker clips to provide customers with brands, ingredients, sales and fresh products.

Along with the sheer breadth and variety of retailers who benefit from the use of shelf talker holders and clips, there are numerous benefits associated with shelf talk clips:

  • Clipping promotional prices to baskets or shelves.
  • Easy switches of printed signs between shelf talkers are possible because of the sign holding design of the retail sign clips.
  • Numerous styles to choose from such as magnetic or gripper styles depending on the needs of your particular retail environment.
  • Display goods and prices in a fashion that's organized and easy for customers to understand.

DGS retail offers a variety of shelf talker clips and holders that are guaranteed to enhance the experience of your customers while making it easier than ever for employees and managers to frequently organize their product displays.

Shelf Wobblers

A plastic shelf dangler is sometimes also referred to as a shelf wobbler. What these handy items do is they make the product that you're seeking to draw attention to even easier for customers to spot because it dangles or wobbles whenever someone touches it. The movement and added dimension draw your customer’s eyes. These retail sign holders are easy to install since they're attached to the shelf edge and they're impossible for customers to miss. Since they don't require any special customization of your shelves and they're easily removed, shelf danglers are an asset for retailers in much the same way that shelf talkers and shelf talker clips are.

Retail Wine Shelf Talkers

Most people would consider wine shelf talkers to be a subcategory of a retail shelf talker, except these are specifically designed and formatted with wine, beer, and liquor advertisements in mind. If your store is selling liquor or displaying other products on wine racks or shelving of that nature, a retail wine shelf talker could be just what your management team is looking for in terms of promotions and making certain brands and drinks stand out more to consumers. Wine advocates and enthusiasts like to compare wines in liquor stores and convenience stores. Specifically, they are often looking for wine rating shelf talkers that allow the shopper to comparatively shop between brands at wine stores.

DGS Retail specializes in liquor store and wine store displays and we have a large selection of wine shelf talker dimensions. If you’re wondering how to make wine shelf talkers you can simply add one of our many sizes of shelf talker sign holders and print your sign insert for free at your store to reduce your overall costs. Whether you're looking for shelf talker clips or holders, shelf danglers, or wine talkers, DGS Retail offers variety and excellence at reasonable prices. Make a purchase today.

Snap Frames And Poster Displays

Black Plastic Snap Frames at Wholesale Prices

Our low-cost black plastic snap frame is the perfect sign holder for retailers who change posters frequently. Made of durable high impact plastic, this snap frame can be reused over and over. This well designed sign holder is lightweight and easy to install. Posters are easily changed from the front by simply lifting up the frame edges, inserting a new graphic, and then snapping the frame shut.

These retail sign holders are often referred to as snap edge frames, snap frames poster holders and snap frames direct. They are front loading plastic sign holders that offer a finished frame to protect your printed signs and posters. These commercial grade snap frames allow for easy change of the sign. They are used at grocery stores, home centers, hardware stores and many other types of retailers and professional offices. DGS Retail is a snap frame manufacturer and has plastic snap frames for sale at wholesale prices.

Durable Snap Frame Extrusions on All Sides

We offer a wide selection of snap frame sizes. These include 8-1/2" x 11", 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 22" x 28", 24" x 36" and 36" x 48". Custom sizes are also available. Our snap frames feature durable plastic extrusions that are engineered to last. The extrusion is on all 4 sides of the snap frame to protect all the poster edges. These snap frame signs are supplied with twin stick adhesive for installation on most flat surfaces. Frames may also be screwed to walls and other surfaces with optional mounting hardware. Slat wall hangers are also available upon request. Holds posters up to .040” thick - posters sold separately. Custom sizes and colors available for project quantities.

Hanging Hardware For Signs, Posters & Banners

Maximize the impact of your most important signs/banners with our extensive range of high-quality sign hanging hardware and accessories. Sign hanging hardware is a popular display option that allows you to display decorative banners, posters and indoor signage for your promotional or educational messages. The sign hanging hardware accessories come with everything you need for a fast, easy and safe sign display from overhead or from drop ceiling tile grids.

DGS Retail is your source for the best poster hanging ideas. We offer low wholesale pricing on all types of hanging signage systems, including banner rails, sign hangers kits (with metal chains or nylon lines), and general accessories like barnacle clips, toggle bolts, and hooks. Banks, retail stores, grocery stores, shopping malls and convention centers are using these sign holding systems as an alternative to the conventional wall mount or floor standing marketing tools.

The most significant advantage of using these poster hangers for displaying advertising or marketing signage is that they save your valuable floor space and can be mounted in creative ways. They are frequently used as classroom ceiling hangers, hanging clips for posters and as hanging chart holders in schools as well.

Plastic and Metal Double C Hooks

We offer various styles of poster and banner hanging hardware for your indoor display needs. These systems are easy to assemble and adapt as your needs change. They are also suitable for plaster, sheetrock, drywall and drop ceilings. Depending on the weight restriction and level of visibility required, stainless steel or monofilament wires or chains can be used for suspension. With a slim, sleek and sturdy design, these fixtures stand out beautifully and allow you to display your promotional messages while attracting the attention of the casual shopper.

For a nearly invisible suspension that puts all focus on the shelving or signage rather than on the mounting system, the monofilament nylon line is preferred. They provide excellent flexibility and tensile strength. The nylon offers additional protection from damage. Ideal for hanging lighter graphic panels, signs, posters, and banners, these innovative yet economical hanging systems are what you need to provide high product visibility and boost your sales. Options featuring plastic and metal double c hooks in a variety of different lengths are included.

Ceiling Grid Clips and Hooks

The hanging kit is loaded with different components including ceiling hooks, grid clips, barnacle clips, toggle bolts, and "s" hooks to allow the sign hanging hardware to be attached to a variety of ceiling types. Your suspended advertisements will seem to float midair for a unique display that makes a statement. Customers can choose from an assortment of display cable sizes depending on the height of the ceiling of their stores or offices. It is recommended that you have your measurements in hand prior to ordering any package.

Poster Hangers and Rails

High visibility poster hangers also known as banner rails are widely used in storefront windows to advertise the latest merchandise or service options. They are available in different sizes and materials and can be used along with ceiling hooks and wire equipment for a complete system. Our banner rail options include aluminum snap holders and basic plastic rails. We also offer aluminum banner hanging rails with pre-installed plastic clips for a stronger grip and cleaner appearance.

Customers looking for greater rigidity and a more upscale look will love the aluminum versions. Included are top and bottom rails that attach to the top and bottom edge of your graphics, providing you with a versatile yet neutral hanging solution. The rails snap open and shut for quick print changes. They can be hung from a wall or ceiling. The plastic banner hangers are lightweight, minimalistic in design and are much more affordable than similar products made from aluminum. These suspended units can be used side by side to create anything from single-panel signs to custom grid-style visual advertising matrices.

With quick and easy installations, the tracks to hang the graphics will quickly be in place for as long as you need! All of the display solutions included in this category have been made with quality and endurance in mind. For anyone seeking to make a significant impact in their retail store, office or tradeshow event, hanging rail sets are the way to go.

Magnetic Sign Hanging Kits

Reduce labor required to suspend signage while at the same time make change-outs easy with our unique ladderless sign hanging system. Featuring strong ceramic magnets, this poster hanging idea is great for suspending a poster or sign from a metal drop ceiling grid. Stand on the floor and move these ceiling signs around using our unique telescoping pole options. These are ideal for retail stores, professional offices (doctor's or dentist) and classrooms. The ladderless systems or magnetic poster holders are offered in a variety of different sizes and lengths. Combine these with double c hooks or cable sets to get your poster at just the right height off the floor. Mini-magnetic sign hangers are also available for adding small signs or even holiday decorations.

Browse through our extensive catalog to check out all the offerings and discover the model that will work best for your business application. We have a solution for every advertising need. Our selection of state-of-the-art sign hanging hardware and accessories are the perfect installation choice for your indoor hanging sign needs. Contact us today to place your orders, or speak to one of our friendly customer representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.