Walk In Cooler Shelving

Increase Sales & Reduce Labor With Walk In Cooler Shelving 

Many businesses depend on walk in coolers to preserve perishable items that can be a key component to their profitability. These include grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and liquor stores. But it also includes industries such as restaurants, food service businesses, greenhouses and floral shops and the list keeps growing. Placement of commercial coolers has continued to increase as the demand for prepared foods and restaurant meals has expanded. The industry exceeds $5bn and shows healthy annual growth rates.

Consumers also enjoy the convenience of walk in coolers and the commercial cooler has proven to be a successful way to merchandise and display such diverse items as beer, wine, dairy products, frozen foods and more. Retailers can maximize the ROI and profitability of their walk in coolers by utilizing the latest cooler shelving systems and technology. 

Commercial Walk In Cooler Gravity Feed & Wire Shelving, Racks

These systems are designed to be placed behind glass walk in cooler doors and gravity feed products down angled shelves. The products are always automatically front faced towards the shopper. This achieves a fully loaded and stocked look even if the display really isn't. The loaded appearance creates a positive reaction from shoppers who will more readily purchase from what appears to be a full display rack than one that looks half empty. Additionally, gravity flow walk in cooler shelves automatically rotate products in a FIFO process. This is because these systems are generally stocked from behind in the walk in cooler so that the items are shopped in the same order they were stocked onto the shelves. This practice reduces spoilage, customer reach-in accidents and reduces restocking labor significantly compared to any front stocking methodology.

Another benefit to these gravity flow shelves is that because the shelves are angled, shoppers need less room between the shelves to pull product out. This creates the opportunity to place the shelves closer together than flat shelves and increase cooler capacity. Gravity feed walk in cooler shelving is available in both roller and roller-less systems. Roller-less systems have no moving parts and therefore are easier to keep clean. DGS Retail offers a wide selection of gravity feed racks and shelving for coolers from industry leader B-O-F, Lozier and other manufacturers at wholesale prices. These are designed to display and merchandise beer, wine, milk and a host of other product categories inside walk-in coolers.