Golf Shop Displays, Club Racks & Signs

Golf Shop Displays, Club Racks & Retail Signs

Over 24 million Americans play the sport of golf today and millions more enjoy watching golf either in person or through media coverage. There are over 17,000 golf courses and facilities in North America alone. Many of them have golf shops or pro shops situated at the course. Additionally, there are thousands of stand-alone golf shops located off course in business districts of many towns and cities around the world. The sport of golf is a huge worldwide industry with an equally large economic impact. Show your love of the game with a professionally designed golf shop interior design. DGS Retail has been serving the golf and sporting goods industries since 1979. We offer store decor, in store signage, retail display signs and store fixtures. Our golf merchandising expertise includes display options for golf clubs, irons, drivers, hybrid clubs and golf apparel display fixtures.

Golf Club Racks and Displays

Check out our golf club holders that are designed for slat wall displays or gondola store shelving fixtures. DGS Retail offers 100% steel and virtually indestructible injection molded golf store displays. The club holders, display racks and golf club displays are engineered to display specific types of golf clubs including:

  • Golf Club Rack to Display a Set of Irons that has room for 8 clubs
  • Golf Club Holder to Merchandise a Set of Irons that can hold 9 clubs
  • Golf Club Display Rack that’s designed to display both drivers and hybrids or rescue clubs and has room for 4 clubs.
  • Golf Club Display Rack that’s designed to merchandise up to 5 different drivers or hybrid golf clubs.
  • Combination racks that can display both irons and driver sets.

These golf club racks are effectively display almost all brands of clubs and the larger driver heads with thicker shaft technologies due to built in loft adjusters. Our unique patented golf club rack designs incorporate the following design features:

  • Display left or right handed clubs on the same display racks
  • Displays Irons, Drivers and Hybrids. Virtually all brand golf clubs can be displayed.
  • Save valuable wall space – our club racks fit 4 times as many clubs in the same space as our competitor’s.
  • Engineered “soft cradle” technology that’s gentle on the matte finishes used on modern driver heads.
  • Retail sign holders are built in to most golf club holders. Add signage at the point of sale!
  • Price ticket and tag channel options.
  • Wire grid mounting options.

Golf Apparel Displays and Store Fixtures

DGS Retail offers a large assortment of wooden nesting tables that are custom stained with your choice of stains from our wood stain color guide. Our nesting tables feature elegant designs that will look great in any golf shop and are engineered with 100% steel internal brackets for strength and durability. Add tabletop sign holders, small sign holders and magnetic signs to complete your apparel centerpiece retail display.