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What are Retail Store Fixtures and Displays?

Retail store fixtures and displays are generally considered to be store furniture, display tables, racks and shelving that are used to merchandise a retailer’s products. They are crucial to ensure that commercial retail businesses are utilizing their available sales floor space to the fullest. Effective store fixtures can almost seem to disappear as in the case of supermarket shelving where you only see the products displayed and not so much the shelves. Or they can add ambiance to a store environment and be more noticeable. Examples of this would be a set of nesting tables with product displayed on them or a glass showcase fixture with jewelry inside. In addition to the store fixtures themselves, there is a wide variety of store fixture accessories that are grouped into this category. These can include shelves, peghooks, slatwall, gridwall, product risers and retail sign holders. Here at DGS Retail we understand that your store fixtures and retail displays serve a wide range of purposes. Effective product placement, placing relevant items for up-selling and cross-selling, and appropriate use of racks, stands, and shelving will help your business, whether it is a store or a service business, have direct, positive impacts on your profits.

Wholesale Retail Store Fixtures

DGS Retail has been serving the retail industry since 1979 and is proud to offer high quality retail displays and modern retail store fixtures to you for sale at wholesale prices. In stock with have a vast range of products including visual merchandising accessories such as gondola accessories, retail sign holders, gondola shelving, display racks, checkout counters, and a plethora of other commercial retail furniture. We also stock a range of everyday merchandising products, that will help you effectively manage product placement on a variety of shelves and racks as well as impact your in-store sales in an easily measurable manner - handy for both retail and service businesses alike. Our stock of high-quality store fixtures and retail displays are available in a wide range of styles. They are designed to accommodate almost any merchandise, and offer functionality that you would associate with the highest quality of retail displays. Even the smallest of retailers should be aware that every single square foot of space should be utilized effectively, whether it is in a store or a trade show booth, as doing so dramatically increases the potential for increasing your revenue.

Modern Retail Store Fixtures

Business owners and store managers should be aware that the most vital area in any commercial environment is the sales floor. With the ever-changing technology of today in the retail world almost any location, from grocery stores, trade show booths, restaurant and hotel gift shops, and liquor store end-caps can be used to effectively increase customer purchases and impulse sales. However, even with the most modern time saving technologies at hand it can sometimes be difficult to make or close deals with customers without modern retail store fixtures. That difficulty can be even greater if your customers can't locate or interact with merchandise that they are looking for in your store. In many ways store fixtures and retail display furniture should act as the epicenter of all commercial and retail sales environments.

What is Store Fixtures Meaning?

Types of Retail Display Fixtures

When it comes to deciding how to most effectively display merchandise in your store, DGS Retail has developed many different types of retail display fixtures, boutique store fixtures and retail display ideas. We have served the retail industry with the latest trend in retail design since 1979.

Checkout Counters

A checkout counter or a register stand will help determine the flow of your in-store traffic simply by their presence. Whereas a cashwrap will not only provide space for staff to store supplies and accessories but also offer your customers that all important location to make payments and transactions. DGS Retail offers a variety of cash wraps, checkout stands and counters for sale.

Glass Counter Display Cases

Glass counter display cases often act as the perfect accompaniment to register stands as they combine those all important aspects of product merchandising and transaction space. These vital point of purchase display fixtures are available as single units or in more bespoke custom configurations. Using glass counter display cases effectively also enables store owners and department managers to create customer pathways, customize the layout of their store, and direct the in-store flow of customers by simply rearranging the furniture as and when they deem it necessary. They are used for a variety of different products and at many types of retailers.

Gondola Shelving

Also called retail shelving or store shelving fixtures. Even the most detailed planogram can be rendered useless if customers do not have full and easy access to merchandise. Racks, gondolas, and effective shelf configurations not only have the ability to help store owners and department managers determine traffic flow, but also the ability to accommodate almost all of the merchandise that they stock in a very compact amount of space. Gondola shelving is generally metal construction. It is comprised of slotted metal gondola uprights and base shelves. Movable metal gondola shelving is inserted into the uprights to provide storage and selling space at supermarkets, grocery stores and c-stores as an example. The back panels of gondola shelving can be solid or pegboard for displaying peghooks.

Slatwall Gondola Displays

A variety of gondola shelving is slatwall gondola. This type of display features slatwall panels inserted into the gondola back panel area instead of pegboard. This gives the retail shelving system a higher end look and can also display more weight than pegboard. DGS Retail has a multitude of slatwall display systems for sale and slatwall accessories for sale.

Gridwall Gondola Displays

Gridwall gondolas is also a variety of regular metal gondola shelving. Instead of a pegboard back panel being used in the center section between the slotted uprights a metal wire gridwall is used. This allows light to go through the gondola shelving displays and is also fireproof. Special gridwall accessories are used to hang peghooks on metal gridwall. This wide range of accessories will accommodate virtually any type of merchandise or packaging.

Retail Display Tables

Our wide range of nesting display tables and retail display tables are feature elements that not only function as internal window dressing spaces in retail environments but also allow you to show off your merchandise where customers are most likely to see it. As they are smaller than showcases and gondola shelving, these easily transportable stands create an ideal environment to attract your customers attention to new or seasonal items.

Store Fixture Manufacturer

Discount Retail Store Fixtures

There are many kinds of product that you may stock that will require specialty merchandising furniture. We are proud to offer clothing racks, portable sales kiosks, and eyeglass racks amongst our wide range of specialty merchandising furniture. DGS Retail offers the retail industry discount wholesale prices on it’s product line. We are a manufacturer of store equipment and displays so we pass the savings along to our customer base.

Our impressive range of counter merchandise displays including risers, spinners, easels, and bulk bins are easily matched to effectively accommodate product sizes as well as fit in with your store decor. From cheap, yet sturdy blister pack rack hooks to more intricate lockable jewelry showcases to cheap yet versatile cardboard countertop racks, these high visibility stands come in a variety of designs and configurations all to suit your store's individual requirements.