Hanging Hardware for Signs, Posters & Banners

Poster Hanging Ideas

Maximize the impact of your most important signs/banners with our extensive range of high-quality sign hanging hardware and accessories. Sign hanging hardware is a popular display option that allows you to display decorative banners, posters and indoor signage for your promotional or educational messages. The sign hanging hardware accessories come with everything you need for a fast, easy and safe sign display from overhead or from drop ceiling tile grids.

DGS Retail is your source for the best poster hanging ideas. We offer low wholesale pricing on all types of hanging signage systems, including banner rails, sign hangers kits (with metal chains or nylon lines), and general accessories like barnacle clips, toggle bolts, and hooks. Banks, retail stores, grocery stores, shopping malls and convention centers are using these sign holding systems as an alternative to the conventional wall mount or floor standing marketing tools.

The most significant advantage of using these poster hangers for displaying advertising or marketing signage is that they save your valuable floor space and can be mounted in creative ways. They are frequently used as classroom ceiling hangers, hanging clips for posters and as hanging chart holders in schools as well.

Plastic and Metal Double C Hooks

We offer various styles of poster and banner hanging hardware for your indoor display needs. These systems are easy to assemble and adapt as your needs change. They are also suitable for plaster, sheetrock, drywall and drop ceilings. Depending on the weight restriction and level of visibility required, stainless steel or monofilament wires or chains can be used for suspension. With a slim, sleek and sturdy design, these fixtures stand out beautifully and allow you to display your promotional messages while attracting the attention of the casual shopper.

For a nearly invisible suspension that puts all focus on the shelving or signage rather than on the mounting system, the monofilament nylon line is preferred. They provide excellent flexibility and tensile strength. The nylon offers additional protection from damage. Ideal for hanging lighter graphic panels, signs, posters, and banners, these innovative yet economical hanging systems are what you need to provide high product visibility and boost your sales. Options featuring plastic and metal double c hooks in a variety of different lengths are included.

Ceiling Grid Clips and Hooks

The hanging kit is loaded with different components including ceiling hooks, grid clips, barnacle clips, toggle bolts, and "s" hooks to allow the sign hanging hardware to be attached to a variety of ceiling types. Your suspended advertisements will seem to float midair for a unique display that makes a statement. Customers can choose from an assortment of display cable sizes depending on the height of the ceiling of their stores or offices. It is recommended that you have your measurements in hand prior to ordering any package.

Poster Hangers and Rails

High visibility poster hangers also known as banner rails are widely used in storefront windows to advertise the latest merchandise or service options. They are available in different sizes and materials and can be used along with ceiling hooks and wire equipment for a complete system. Our banner rail options include aluminum snap holders and basic plastic rails. We also offer aluminum banner hanging rails with pre-installed plastic clips for a stronger grip and cleaner appearance.

Customers looking for greater rigidity and a more upscale look will love the aluminum versions. Included are top and bottom rails that attach to the top and bottom edge of your graphics, providing you with a versatile yet neutral hanging solution. The rails snap open and shut for quick print changes. They can be hung from a wall or ceiling. The plastic banner hangers are lightweight, minimalistic in design and are much more affordable than similar products made from aluminum. These suspended units can be used side by side to create anything from single-panel signs to custom grid-style visual advertising matrices.

With quick and easy installations, the tracks to hang the graphics will quickly be in place for as long as you need! All of the display solutions included in this category have been made with quality and endurance in mind. For anyone seeking to make a significant impact in their retail store, office or tradeshow event, hanging rail sets are the way to go.

Magnetic Sign Hanging Kits

Reduce labor required to suspend signage while at the same time make change-outs easy with our unique ladderless sign hanging system. Featuring strong ceramic magnets, this poster hanging idea is great for suspending a poster or sign from a metal drop ceiling grid. Stand on the floor and move these ceiling signs around using our unique telescoping pole options. These are ideal for retail stores, professional offices (doctor's or dentist) and classrooms. The ladderless systems or magnetic poster holders are offered in a variety of different sizes and lengths. Combine these with double c hooks or cable sets to get your poster at just the right height off the floor. Mini-magnetic sign hangers are also available for adding small signs or even holiday decorations.

Browse through our extensive catalog to check out all the offerings and discover the model that will work best for your business application. We have a solution for every advertising need. Our selection of state-of-the-art sign hanging hardware and accessories are the perfect installation choice for your indoor hanging sign needs. Contact us today to place your orders, or speak to one of our friendly customer representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.