Lozier Gondola Shelving Rails

Lozier Metal Splicer, Center, Top and Bottom Rails

Choose from a variety of genuine Lozier metal rails for retail gondola shelving applications. These rails are made from 100% US sourced steel and are used to connect Lozier uprights to various back panel materials. Available in bottom, top, center and splicer versions and in different colors and widths. All single or double sided gondola units require cross rails. They are also used in island and wall display units. The number of rails required for each section of gondola is dependent on the material of the back panels and the height of the unit. 

Lozier Slotwall, Slatwall and Pegboard Back Rails 

The rails are used to connect hardboard, pegboard, slatwall, slotwall and other back panel materials to the Lozier gondola system. Tall gondola units may require splicer rails if the back panels are supplied in smaller sections. Slaotwall or slatwall island and wall gondola displays require at least one top, slotwall center and heavy duty bottom rail.