Lozier Gondola Shelving Backs

Lozier Gondola Shelving Back Panels And Parts 

Gondola shelving systems most visible component is the backings or back panels that are used between the uprights. These range from purely functional pegboard to more premium designs available in slatwall and woodgrain panels. Solid color back panels are also available. 

Lozier Gondola Hardboard Solid Color Back Options 

Constructed out of 1/4 inch thick tempered hardboard with a lasting melamine finish, these solid color back panels are perfect for retailers who do not need to use peghooks to merchandise their products. They are available is an assortment of finishes and sizes. 

Lozier Gondola Pegboard Panel Backs

Ideal for many store layouts, pegboard panels offer a professional look and allow the use of standard peghook accessories. Allowing the most versatility pegboard panels are ideal for stores where planograms are unpredictable and sometimes products are displayed on shelves and sometimes they need to be hung from peghooks. Offered in a wide selection of finishes the pegboard panels have 9/32" diameter holes placed 1" apart. 

Lozier Slatwall (Slotwall) Panel Backs 

For sale in a variety of colors and woodgrains these slatwall backings provide a high end designer look to wall and island displays. They also provide similar versatility to pegboard in that products can be displayed on shelves or from peghooks for slatwall or slatwall hooks and accessories. Slatwall panels have T-groove slots 3" apart on center. They are made from quality MDF material with veneer and melamine laminate finishes. Aluminum and vinyl inserts are available to dress up the grooves. 

Lozier Gondola Stained Wood Back Panels 

For an authentic vintage or rustic store design or to match an existing decor many retailers choose stainable wood back panels that can be purchased unfinished or pre-stained with your choice of colors. These are constructed out of 1/4" hardboard with real wood veneer and offered in a selection of sizes.