Bakery Display Shelving

Bakery Display Shelves, Racks and Cases

Entice your customers by displaying your different kinds of breads, bagels, pastries and prepared desserts on gondola store shelving, wood slatted shelves, bread racks and pastry cases that are specially designed for retail bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and delicatessens. You work hard to bake the best cakes, pies and cupcakes for your community. Artisan breads and gluten free bakery products are enjoying double-digit growth in sales due to interest in artisan bread recipes. Showcase your old world loaves and ethnic variety freshly baked breads on a display that will match the quality that you put into your baked goods.

DGS Retail has been on many store owner's and manager's bakery equipment lists as a vendor since 1979. We are a wooden gondola shelving manufacturer and a custom wood store fixture builder. Select store fixtures and shelving from our wide online assortment. Additionally, DGS Retail supplies some of the hottest trends in retail interior design ideas and we provide bakery signs and bakery design services. For assistance with your store interior design check out our available design services here: Free bakery interior design layout offer.

Retail Bakery Trends

DGS Retail’s line of bakery display shelves and bread shelving features a 100% steel structure design that’s full of rich wooden trim and shelf details. As customer demographics continue to segment due to an ever more diverse population it is important for those in the fresh baked goods industry to try to market to them. The bakery industry continues to grow and has surpassed $50 billion in North American sales recently. Reach the right shoppers with a well thought out visual merchandised display that includes all associated signage and segmentation.

Why Food Displays Matter

With natural ingredients being such a big draw in bakery products shouldn’t your bread display shelves also look natural? With wood slatted shelves that act as bread cooling shelf racks your naturally made breads, cakes and pies will look great and will attract the attention that they deserve. Our bakery display shelves are sold in double sided gondola islands or single sided wall display models. We can outfit your entire store or just a special department of it. The wooden slat shelves are offered in multiple depths for increased capacity. Woodbin shelves are also available. These act as retail dump bin displays are ideal for displaying packaged baked goods, bags of rolls or even loaves of bread.

The shelf configurations and shelving arrangements can be customized for your particular store display needs. In addition to wood slatted shelves, DGS Retail sells wooden dump bins, wire and metal dump bins, tiered displays and flat metal gondola shelves. The store shelving is sold in multiple heights and widths to accommodate most floor plans. Need a different shelving layout? Call and let DGS Retail quote a custom store solution for you. As with all of DGS Retail's wooden store fixtures, all wood gondola parts and components can be stained with your choice of colors from our premium wood stain color guided found here: Bakery Display Color Guide

Bakery Tables, Nesting Tables, Cases and Wooden Display Bins

DGS Retail has bakery tables, bakery euro style tables, orchard bins, display cases and wooden bins to outfit your bakery, patisserie or coffee shop. Advertise your bakery business with a fixture that’s as appetizing as your freshly baked goods. Most can be custom stained to match your store decor or interior design theme. Create a focal visual merchandising display with our solid wood nesting tables, wicker display baskets and tabletop sign holders.

Bakery Images and Design Ideas

DGS Retail believes in offering our customers complete retail merchandising solutions that will help to sell their products and save them time. We offer bakery signs in all designs from vintage to modern. There are dimensional lettering signs, store decorations and perimeter wall signage. For bakery interior design ideas, concepts and signage click here: Bakery Decor & In Store Signs

Food Display Risers and Stands

DGS Retail has food risers and buffet or catering stands that can be used to create a stunning food display of your best baked items. Most wood risers can be stained from your choice of colors. Sometimes referred to as buffet stands or acrylic food risers these can be used inside bakery cases, racks or on a countertop to create a mini point of purchase display.

Bakery Countertop Displays, Wicker Basket Displays and Wooden Crates

Used to design product focus displays and seasonal food merchandising displays these can be used throughout the bakery or grocery store. Arrange them in groups for a promotional advertising display or a table centerpiece display. DGS Retail sells tiered basket displays, wicker baskets for food merchandising and wooden crate displays for retail applications. Add small sign holders and tabletop signs for a complete visual merchandising or store designer look.